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So what's your CV like?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by 01brian, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Can you remember any examples of questions asked by candidates that caused you to put either a tick or a cross next to their name?
  2. Yes, but I'm not telling!
  3. why not?
  4. Because if I tell, then I can no longer use these questions to distinguish between candidates since they may have prepared them, quite possibly with the help of a few friends, even with the help of a whole TES Forum! I do need to keep a few things up my sleeve, Misery. Sorry not to be more helpful here - you will admit that it is not normal to issue (some)applicants with the questions in advance.

    However I can give you a couple of examples of "The Worst Answer Ever To An Interview Question".

    This is the overall winner:
    "Tell us about strategies you have used with a difficult class".
    "That's my 7A group. They're awful. If I go out to do some photocopying or get something I forgot, when I come back they're all over the place - doing rude drawings on the board, chatting on their mobile phones, changing the settings on my computer, several times even I've come back and found them going through the teacher's desk drawer. And it happens every single day, the moment I go out of the classroom".

    "How do you know that your group was of lower ability than the groups taught by your colleagues?"
    "Because my group got lower marks in their GCSEs at the end of the year." (You could substitute "higher" there twice with the same effect).

    "As a HoD, how would you monitor standards throughout the curriculum in your department?"
    "By the results at the end of the course".

    "Why is this post attractive to you?"
    "Because it will be a lot easier than what I do now".

    "What would you do if you discovered that you had made a mistake; for example, you had filled in the Termly Report for Anna Amos with the comments about Barbara Brown?"
    "I'd just check that what I said about Barbara wasn't the same as I'd said about Anna, otherwise the Head of Year would be bound to spot it".

    "How do you think using Accelerated Learning techniques could help students progress in your subject?"
    "Actually, I think a lot of students need to learn things slowly so that they can take them in properly".

    And, of course, any question that begins "Tell us briefly about" to which the answer goes on and on and on. And on.

    It is true that there are some applicants who talk themselves out of a job, but in my experience we also have very many who do an extremely competent interview. Talking too much is probably one of the dangers to avoid - candidates who rush to answer at great length and haven't listened carefully to the question. Candidates also who are not sensitive to the non-verbal clues of the panel, and go on talking when we are obviously dying for you to shut up! But as I said, these are the minority.

    By all means read one of the books on "Great/Brilliant/Best answers to difficult/tough/awful interview questions", but we are hoping to get below the prepared veneer and find the person underneath, the heart and soul that turns the competent teacher into an outstanding one. I was once asked at interview "When was the last time that you cried". I have never asked that myself as I think that is a step too far.
  5. That was a good answer. Do you not think executive questions are childish and irrelevent?
  6. What's an executive question?

    And since we're talking, how's Mrs Mis and number three? Squirming and kicking nicely, I hope?
  7. Ane executive question, as I understand it, is a bit like the one you mentioned about crying. 'If there was a fire what I the first thing you would take from the building?' type of thing.

    Mrs M and no. 3 are fine, thanks for asking. We have just had a double dose of chicken pox with the other 2 and are undergoing potty training for the first time with the eldest, which is going in fits and starts (or **its and *arts).

    oo'd 'ave 'em?
  8. Well, to quote you on another occasion, Misery, the people who 'ave 'em are those who are better at Biology Practical than Biology Theory.

    Has anyone ever explained to you the theory behind the practice? If you and mrs M actually learned how it came about. . .

    Yes, I've heard of people being asked things like "If you were an animal/food/colour, which animal/food/colour would you be?" My inclination would be to reply "whichever animal/food/colour is least acceptable in this school".
  9. I have just seen this post and would really appreciate the cv layout as I need some good examples of teaching c.v's as mine needs serious work.


    Thank you.
  10. Hi Brian
    ('tis easier than 01brian). Have sent you email tonight. It doesn't compare with the excellent advice you have been given on this message thread but perhaps as general layout it may be helpful?
    Good luck with your applications.
  11. P.S. If you think it's not total c***, then I'll send it to the other posters on this thread.
  12. ANGIE491

    ANGIE491 New commenter

  13. Thanks Rhea - this will be very helpful, cheers.
  14. Hi Rhea,
    A copy of your CV would certainly come in handy; I really hope you haven't ventured to that edge yet.
  15. Rhea, would you like me to upload a copy of your cv layout then post the url here to save you the trouble of sending it out repeatedly?

    let me know at admin@monyamickle.com

  16. Thanks, Miseryguts - but I'm basically a shy and retiring person who couldn't cope with the embarrassment! I'll wade through the requests and send them by email. Your offer of help, though, was much appreciated. Have a good weekend.
  17. One for me too please. Time for pastures new. Or pastures of some sort anyway.

  18. Sorry, everyone. Have had too much marking to do! Will try to send by the end of this week.

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