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So what will you do differently next year?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by ESLAB, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Can't believe that we only have 4 weeks to go and then we have completed our first year of teaching! Amazing! So what will you be doing differently? I literally have 3 sides of A4 of things I will do differently next year...by the way I am Primary! My top few - Only spend one week max on getting to know the class (I was advised two weeks and it was not necessary); occasionally practice SATs type questions throughout the year, maybe as maths oral starter; record the assessment of maths on a daily if not weekly basis in a more organised way; not use a sketch book but just loose paper instead (used A3 more often than not so have a fairly empty book); use Learning Logs for homework and lastly, teach handwriting in every lesson and not as stand-alone sessions. What will you all be doing differently?
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I would structure my planning more around the assessment criteria, so that at the data collection points I didn't realise I had very little idea if a child could do x because we only touched on it briefly in one lesson. Especially relevant in maths I think!
  3. I would not stress over observations, I am a teacher now. That doesn't mean to say I will take my foot of the pedal!
  4. 1) Lots on behaviour management:
    a) Spend a full lesson building an understanding of my expectations
    b) Stick rigidly to those expectations - no, you can shout "miss, miss!" until the end of time and all it will get you is sanctions; if you want my attention then put your hand up and wait. - no, you don't shout out with an answer unless I've specifically invited that, and you're not getting any rewards for having the right answer. - no, the seating plan is decided by me, today, tomorrow and forever. - no, if you want to discuss something that's not directly to do with the lesson you get maximum of one sentence from me, otherwise see me out of class time.
    c) Listen less to excuses; feel less sorry for them. Yes, you're being punished, and that's not nice for you. That's deliberate, to try to train you out of some of your own not-nice behaviours.
    d) Think I'm gonna drop the whole "language of choice" thing... does anyone feel like that's helping? Whenever I try to use it the kids move onto a new track of arguing with that claim. Instead "Do X please"; "Sandra, do X now please"; "Sandra, you didn't do X, so..."
    think I'm gonna keep the idea that Sandra is in control of her own faculties and not doing X when it's expected is under her power an implicit underpinning of my behaviour management rather than explicit.
    e) "Don't smile til Christmas" seems possibly just a little harsh. I'll smile. But I won't blink.
    2) On teaching:
    a) Loads more marking. Formative assessment, comments which the students are expected to read and reply to (considering not putting the comments in books but somehow making them available to the individual students on the internet, and making it part of homework to copy the comment into their book and respond to it, so that I know that they're reading it and engaging with it).
    b) More structure to my lessons... my current sin is not wanting to stop the main task and thus leaving insufficient time to the plenary; more broadly, not feeling comfortable with a five-part lesson, with chunking the lesson to that degree, even though it may be beneficial to go much further than that in some cases.
    c) More questioning - I'm good at questioning but at my current place the behavior is so hopeless that it's not an option. Behaviour is much better where I'm going and, as stated above, I'm going to fight tooth and nail to get it and hold it at a place where I'm free to teach as I best teach.
    d) Be bolder in the kinds of lessons that I'd teach; more group work, more investigations, more activities. Not possible where I currently am, but I also know that I find those lessons time-consuming to prepare, so if that's my intention, I need to get a headstart during the holidays.
    e) A regular weekly numeracy and what-we've-done-recently minitest.
    f) A microsyllabus stuck into books at the beginning of each topic covering skills expected to be developed and space for students to note when they think they've conquered it.
    3) On developing myself as a teacher:
    a) More reflection - maybe one reflection on the week gone by, each week. Maybe pick one lesson per week to write a formal lesson plan of and reflect on that.
    b) Start more societies / run own booster sessions / run "office hours" times for any students with any maths questions to come for help. Run a club outside of my subject specialism.
    c) Engage with broader, out-of-the-classroom and administrative skills; learn about the process of planning a trip; volunteer to develop the curriculum (these ONLY if I'm confident I can handle the workload).
    Work hard; Play hard; Rest deeply.
    Sure I'll think of more later :)
  5. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    Wow! That's a very long list!
    <ol>[*]I'm going to spend more time on my own work, preparation and planning and not in running around doing everything I'm asked to. [*]Prioritise[*]Make time to reflect[*]say no more[*]have some times when I am available to students at break and lunch and not others[*]get ahead of myself with data entry[*]use my teacher planner better than I currently do[*]record/video more performances so I have more hard evidence on what kids can and can't do (I'm music)[*]Leave KS3 planning alone (I've had to write all my SOW so once they're written and the resources are created, leave them and focus on KS4 and KS5)[*]Mark homework on time (it gets done now, but not as early as I would like it)[*]Don't over commit and under deliver; under commit and over deliver!</ol>

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