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So what are we planning for *mas this year?! Junior/ Senior choirs ...?

Discussion in 'Music' started by LoukuleleLou, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. LoukuleleLou

    LoukuleleLou New commenter

    I have a keen junior choir KS3 and a small but able senior choir KS4 at my secondary school, and would love some suggestions, please!

    Gaudete was a great hit (again) last year and I have a nice arrangement of Mary Did You Know that worked well with an adult choir that I could try with my seniors, and/or the Carol of the Bells ... (Home Alone 2 as we call it).

    I prefer simple, a capella, but understand that backing tracks have their place!
  2. eyhorne

    eyhorne New commenter

    That's Christmas To Me (Again a Pentatonix version?) for SATB
    In Dulce Jubilo (The Robert Pearsall setting), lovely and fairly intuitive for senior choirs? for SATB and SSAA
    Silent Night - arranged by Barry Rose SATB

    Good luck :)

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