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So want a dog...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ABC2010, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. but hubby does not.
    Been like this for years but feel like a child not getting own way today as saw a friends gorgeous cocker spaniel!
  2. MarilynDan

    MarilynDan New commenter

    I sympathise. If it's anything like longing for a baby it will be hard. I was never a doggy person until daughter got one.......... now I borrow hers.
  3. Thank you it is a silly longing I know!
  4. MarilynDan

    MarilynDan New commenter

    Longing is longing whatever it's for - I know :)
  5. and cocker spaniels are the second cutest dogs in the world!
  6. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I have a cocker, they are very cute. It's a shame your partner is anti - is that a permanent state of affairs or just a 'not yet' kind of position?
  7. Cuter than a springer :¬))

    Can you not swap hubby for a cocker?
  8. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Oh don't get me started on getting a dog...

    I know that my disability means that I can't take a dog for walkies.
    I know that living off benefits means that I can feed myself, but not a hungry doggie too.
    I know that my new home is really small....not big enough for me and a dog too

    I know that logically everything says <u>NO!!!</u>........so why do I keep wanting one!

    (I'd even give up my idea of owning a St Bernard and go for something a wee bit smaller....maybe a Dachshund?....I'd be a lovely mummy for a dog!)
  9. I refuse to read this post on the grounds that it will fuel another argument.
    I got my chickens, don't think I can stretch him to a dog - and yes, I have tried "But it will protect the chickens", he laughed at me!
  10. I have to admit if I had a rewind button I'm not sure I would have got my dog, I love dogs and always wanted one but it's caused more stress and has impacted more on my time than a baby!
    How about sponsoring one from the Dogs Trust?
  11. autumnleaf2

    autumnleaf2 New commenter

  12. So if cockers are 2nd cutest - who wins?!!

    Its a case of me coming from a "doggie" family and him not, him actually not liking dogs to the extent of is quite nervous around them when we are out.

    I know its unfair to want one when he doesnt!

    I also know how a dog can impact on lives and for many years.... I have a feeling if we got one hubby ABC would love it but it aint going to happen.

    For sale locally............

  13. My sister is married to a non-dog lover.They have a westie whom I think is well behaved and a lovely little dog. The husband moans about the dog all of the time; he thinks the dog can do nothing right and if truth be told is a bit jealous of the affection my sister shows the dog.
    I think that they should either not have the dog or not be married - it's such a bone of contention between them.
    I think pets are something you need to agree upon as a couple; it's a shame when one person wants one and the other doesn't.
    Oh and today I saw a sign in a car saying: "A dog is for life....unlike a man!" It made me smile!

  14. Springers, obviously!
  15. Oh, and that place is a puppy farm, please don't get one from there! ( if you did manage to get one!)
  16. At least I know Climber wants a dog - just not now when we aren't here enough to be fair to one!
    I can't imagine living with someone who doesn't like animals, how would I have had my ratties all these years? How would I have convinced him to get chickens!
    But they are low maintenance... and we'll have to wait / retire before a dog becomes 'doable'.
  17. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    There is nothing like wandering the streets with a pocket full of hot shit.
    I am on his side.
  18. Lol
  19. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    I was at a dog show today. Nothing competitive, just a wee local one. My 9 year old daughter LOVES dogs so I thought it would be a good way of showing her lots of them, all in one area!
    I've decided that I love 'ugly' but cute dogs. Spaniels are far too good looking for me! I love French bulldogs (think of a bat with sticky up ears), Boston Terriers (ditto), English Bull terriers, Staffies, Boxers etc.
    Anyway as expected, there's no even more pressure on us now to get a dog!
  20. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    Let me tell you something, as a devoted cocker spaniel owner - they are very cute, very beautiful and often very, very hard work.
    They are very sociable dogs and do not like to be left alone for very long. They are very intelligent dogs, and therefore need a lot of attention and stimulation. They need frequent grooming - at least 3 times a week. As well as being very intelligent, some of them can be a little bit special, and require a lot of training. They will be happy to lie in front of the fire, or lounge all over you, but they do also require quite a bit of exercise.
    They are one of the most loveable and loving breed of dogs I have encountered, but they are not as easy as their chocolate box looks, might lead you to think.
    All cocker spaniel onwers I know, will tell you about the very special nature of their dog.
    I actually would not recommend them for an inexperienced dog owner.
    Also, because of their beautiful looks, cocker spaniels are very popular with puppy farms. You need to be really, really careful about where you get one. In the past there has been issues with temperament, because people did not breed them for good temperament, but for their popularity.
    Cocker spaniel breeders have worked very, very hard to overcome this issue. I would strongly advise that if you are serious about a cocker spaniel you get in touch with the local breed society, who can put you in touch with a reputable breeder.You may have to go on a waiting list for a puppy, but you will be guaranteed you are getting a healthy pup. Cockers also have spedific health problems, and this is also why choosing a good breeder is important.
    We did not follow this advice, and got our cocker from a breeder - not a puppy farmer albeit - but not someone who had taken as much care as they should have. She is a stunner of a dog, and many people ask why we don't show her. However her temperament is not good in that she is nervous, and has fear aggression problems as a result. I adore her, and wouldn't change her for the world, but I would follow my own advice next time round.

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