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So somebody has got to start the ball rolling.............

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by fluffyhandbag, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. AS Media results OCR board......... anybody else as shocked and stunned as I am by my results (and I don't mean in a good way)
    I'm just gutted.........

  2. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    That's really odd as my students did WAY above what i'd expected of them, and WAY above how they did in January (these were the results of their re-takes!) so I was thinking the AS ones were really good in comparison to my expectations.. I think at AS we went from a 75% A-C in the January exam to 98% A-C from the June one which was mental! Sorry I know that's not what you wanted to hear.

    Maybe we just got a really generous examiner and you just got a really grumpy one? Worth getting them remarked?

    What were your A2 ones like? Ours were about 99% A-C which was pretty normal for us.
  3. It's nice to hear some good news and it gives me faith that when my kids resit in Jan (and they will be) that it's worth it because the grades do go up. It's just a shock because this has never happened to me before in the seven year's I've been teaching, I'm usually bang on the money.
    We did the OCR Nationals at A2 this year and they were really good (lots of value added)....but I knew that before today anyway and the WJEC Film results I was happy with for the same reason.
    But for the AS the exam the marks were not great ( I wasn't expecting brilliant but even so) and it would appear CW marks have been lowered too, it's just a kick in the teeth when you can see that the kids are within 2-5 marks of the next grade boundary..........(no piont in remarking the failure was Section B of the exam as far as I can tell.
    Just out of interest what case study do you teach for section 2 of the AS exam?
    I'm wondering rather that make the kids feel even more bloody miserably by going over what we've done whether I teach a new industry, see if it helps their confidence
    and so to go and beat myself with a very large stick...............

  4. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    We had the same thing this year with our A2 coursework in January. Having always been bang on the money with coursework grades, our music video results were brought down considerably (by up to two grades in some cases) with some really petty comments such as "the digipak designs were not the right shape. Digipaks can't be DVD shaped, they should be CD shaped" etc How that can justify two grades being taken away I dont know... We literally re-submitted them as they were in June and they came back fine with the original grades in place! Stoopid! So i have come to the conclusion there are some rogue moderators and examiners out there!

    For the AS Section 2 we do magazines and we focus on Natmags as an institution (looking at Cosmopolitan Magazine and Men's Health as examples) although we make comparisons to other magazines from other companies such as Wired, Vogue etc.. My students seem to enjoy it as they are mostly boys and enjoy looking at women's magazines! Lol! It also gives them LOADS to talk about in terms of technology, convergence, synergy etc. Let me know if you want any resources and I can dig out what I've got..
  5. Thank-you Becky, I've had good results for a long time, so I guess at somepoint it had to go **** up,
    Having had time to mull it over , I know what went wrong and I should of seen it coming, I lost alot of teaching hours this year due to the Bank Holidays and Easter most of my Media lesson were Monday's and Friday's) The exam was a month earlier than usual and I just didn't spend enought time teaching exam techniques and the how to answer the questions as I have done in previous year's.(stoopid really.........)
    Like you I teach the magazine industry and I also teach the music industry; before I became a teacher I worked in one of those industry's
    But if you can find some resources, I will take you up on your offer, because it can only help the resits! and if in the future you hit a wall, please feel free to contact me, it's the least I can do to say thanks for talking to me on the forum today.
    Now to repeat the mantra to self.... but your A2 and AS Film results were good so get over it!!!!
  6. Hello Becky
    As one Central alumnus (2003-2004) to another, I don't suppose I could beg a look at your magazine resources too, could I? I'm taking this on this year and would be really interested in your Natmags materials especially. My disastrous Fluffy-style year was last year, when only 11% got A-C in the exam. I reworked my approach to textual analysis and got that up to 57% this year (hurrah!) but I want to get into the 70s next year. My lot have done much better at A2 (100% A*-C this year for the first time) so if there's anything you'd like for Collective Identity or Production critique, I'd obviously be happy to share by return. Thanks.
  7. Ah expression, thank-you for the fluffy-esque style reference!! good job I know who you are or I could be terribly offended...... but I am pleased to hear your results were better.......

    Your more than welcome to my mag resources as well............ but given my results you may not want them !!!

    PS I'll trade you a whole load of Postmodern stuff for your Collective Identity resources.....
    We could play Media top trumps.........!!!
  8. Hello Fluffy. So sorry - was aiming for 'been there, feel your pain' sympathy rather than a slap in the face, which clearly didn't come across! Are you going to give me a clue about who you are? If we know each other, let's talk offline about resources to share, as I'm up for anything I can get on magazines. As a starter on Collective Identity, here's the revision Prezi I started (and didn't quite finish) for my Year 13s this year: https://prezi.com/secure/ccd795ad9c0b1a389faae7d52a81245d56864eaf/


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