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So, so confused....please help me!

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Myla, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Myla

    Myla New commenter

    I need to find out the answer to the following questions. I can't find any straight answers on the internet!

    1) Is RE compulsory for ALL secondary students, from Years 7-11, as a timetabled subject? Or are assemblies enough at KS4?
    2) Which guidelines must the syllabus follow in an academy?

    My school is proposing making RE (it will be called something else) an hour on the timetable of every student in school from 7-11, but will not be offering it as a GCSE. The SLT came up with this idea because they are worried about not satisfying the government's recommendations for RE at our academy (we haven't been for years). But is this really necessary? I am very worried about the reaction of, say, Year 11 students when a non-examined subject appears on their timetable during their final year! Also, I have told my Year 8 students that they can choose a GCSE option in this subject and now they can't.

    Some background to my situation:

    I find myself as Head of 'Philosophy and Ethics' (RE) at my academy where the subject has been basically off the syllabus / patchy provision for a number of years. Formerly I was a full-time English teacher, and since returning from maternity leave I am working 2 days per week in this new subject. At the moment we are teaching 1 hour per week to Year 7 and 8 only. The Headteacher told me that my syllabus could include Science / Humanism etc. and be 'values-based' because that is what he is into. We certainly aren't reading Bible stories or anything like that, but so far I would describe our approach to religios teaching as fairly light at KS3! The students are very positive about it but I'm fairly sure that Ofsted would expect more focus on religious beliefs and teachings.

    If any specialists can help me out, I'd appreciate it!
  2. monicabilongame

    monicabilongame Star commenter

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