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So, no ict at all in the EBac?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by mossonbrick, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. How did that happen then? Pupils will presumably get all the skills they need by a mixture of osmosis and playing games / using facebook. What will the future look like for ict?
  2. Grim. Fight your corner!
  3. It seems odd. Gove wants a world class education for students - that's good. But wants them to be computer illiterates - that' s bad. I don't get this at all. We all know how little maths is in a maths gcse, and low pass marks for science gcses are the norm now. Yet we are expecting employers to take on pupils with little more than twitter skills, to win contracts in a global market. How does Gove expect pupils to acquire a good set of ict skills? Certainly not from subject teachers if my colleagues are anything to go by!
  4. It's only my opinion, but our single problem is theory ICT can and is being replaced in many schools by vocational ICT for all pupils. Once that option was available of boosting grades by pushing close to or 100% coursework in courses like the OCR Nationals Level 2 schools moved to "Office Studies" instead of what is core ICT. Yes they need to learn how to run database queries, create invoices and draft a letter, but I imagine Gove's feeling is they could learn this in a month's course when they get their job on the global market.
    We, teachers, examiners, moderators, everyone need to put the value back into ICT and show Gove just how important ICT is. We all agree it's a worthy curriculum when taught well. My fear is not enough schools are!!
  5. I don't think waving a stick at other subjects is helpful, especially whilst pupils can gain 4 gcse's in ICT (with essentially more of the same) while only 3 in science.
  6. What language is this?

  7. Gove does strike me as the sort of person who struggles to use his tv's remote control and views a world without compootery thingies as something that would make his life easier. Mind you, with no captains of industry, no leaders of ict organisations, standing up and saying what a stupid idea an ebac without a core it qualification is, what hope is there?
  8. 'Cos the captains of industry don't value school ICT, they regard it as largely responsible for the collapse in numbers taking IT courses at university, and consequent skill shortages. See any number of issues of Computing magazine for discussions on this topic.
  9. I don't think the captains of industry give a flying *** about IT at any level or in any way and I don't think they ever have or will.

    It's a similar idea to accountancy; said 'captains' have to have accountants but there's not much clamour to get Profit and Loss / Balance Sheets onto the national curriculum.
  10. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    I have been thinking about this issue a lot recently and my initial reaction was also that Gove is out of his mind for potentially binning ICT or make it go cross curricular. I was potentially outraged that a generation of kids could leave with little in the way of ICT skills.....
    Then I thought actually I would be pretty happy if they binned KS3 ICT, as long as I don't have to create some sort of cross curricular nonsense to replace dicrete lessons. That way they can just choose it as an option at KS4 and I don't have to have non specialists delivering it lower down the school. Let's face it you pretty much can start form scratch in year 10 with any of the KS4 courses, so what's the big deal? If subject teachers want to book ICT rooms with KS3 kids and let them make the odd powerpoint then I can undo their efforts when the kids come to me in year 10. To be truthful if a kid doesn't opt for ICT in KS4 then they probably were never going to choose to blaze a trail in our field in latter years, so does it matter if they leave unable to build dbases, use spreadsheets, work with graphics etc as chances are they won't pursue that route long term. Whilst lets be truthful if they do go on to sue a spot of ICT around the various offices they head into as they grow up, it's not exactly difficult to pick up as you go along.
    Anyway devil's advocate and all that, still think Gove ain't in touch with reality mind. Who the hell needs to learn languages when you have the new google translate app on the iphone?
  11. hmm djphillips1408, I don't know what your ICT curriculum strategy is like at your school, but I'd find it very difficult cramming in the following into KS4 on top of a GCSE course: e-safety, spreadsheets (functions, formulas, goal seek etc), databases (queries, custom reports, relationships), computer hardware, programming, flash animation, website design, open source software in the home and mobile computing.

    I think it's a massive problem if kids leave school without basic office skills, we'll have a huge digital divide. In essence, this is why OCR Nationals L2 is such a good course, perhaps not as a "proper" GCSE, but in reality it's much more than that!
  12. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    Looking at other countries there are many who offer some form of matriculation/leaving certs most/all of these do not include IT/computing at all, save for very specialist technical variants.
    This lack does not seem to hinder the progress of any of their students.
    Indeed some the international students we had at schoo l- through exchanges etc. - find it very odd that we have specialist IT lessons at all (or IT rooms)

  13. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Apart from in GCSE Business Studies where they've been doing them forever.
  14. As usual, you misunderstand.
    Are they on the GCSE Business Studies syllabus because 'captains of industry' have been clamouring for them to be there?
    Rather doubt that, which brings us back to my point.
  15. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    Do you really think that people who need to use basic office applications can't really pick up what they need to know in a few hours?
    I used to teach technology-petrified 50-something typists how to use user-hostile word processors like Wordstar back in the 1980s and a couple of hours one-to-one was quite adequate.
    Kids who have to their phones taken away in other lessons because they're on Facebook 24x7 don't really need a lot of time to get to speed with MS-Word.
  16. I hate that argument. Sure, they might be able to type (albeit with horrific spelling) but I totally disagree with the suggestion that they can use other programs properly without a significant amount of guidance.
  17. Gosh, if only I'd known that using Facebook on a phone would help teach kids about
    <ol>[*]The difference between a template and a document.[*]Proper use of headers and footers in a Word document.[*]Use of images in headers and/or footers.[*]Correct settings of margins.[*]Use of left, right, centre and decimal tabs.[*]Correct use of text justification tools.[*]Correct use of line spacing.[*]Importance of white space.[*]The difference between inserting an image in line with text and inserting an image that is set to square or tight.[*]Adding borders to images to make them stand out.[*]Inserting and correctly formatting a table.[*]Proper use of the Spelling and Grammar checker.[*]The difference between serif and sans serif fonts and where each is more likely to be used.[*]Switching page orientation in the middle of a document for a large table.[*]Mail merging.[*]Setting up Word to print out labels using standard templates.[*]Use of nested bullet point lists.[*]Grouping text boxes with images and arrows so they can all be moved around together.[*]Correct formatting of text boxes.[*]Consideration of target audience.</ol>I would never have confiscated Zac's phone last lesson.
  18. Much as I hate to feed trolls and/or idiots...
    Look at it this way, it might take them a couple of hours to get them up to YOUR speed.
    But some go faster.
    My suspicion is that you don't recognise half of what was mentioned in Violet's post.
  19. Or even markxtc's post.
    Must have gone to one of your WP lessons.
  20. What a depressing list. Today kids
    we're going to learn about white spaces.....


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