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So Much Water So Close to Home - Raymond Carver

Discussion in 'English' started by katysmythe, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I'm preparing to teach this in January and I'm hoping that some lovely person out there in TESland wouldn't mind sharing materials. I know the story inside out and have a clear teaching focus in mind but I'd like to see how someone else (anyone else) has approached it.

  2. Hello

    I taught Short Cuts some years ago as one element of the old OCR AS spec. So Much Water is one of my favourite stories from it. No specific resources, but I focussed on Claire's reliability as a narrator, and the symbolism of the characters' hands.
  3. Hi
    Would it be possible to have a look at what you did? If it is, could you PM me?
  4. I just realised that you said you didn't actually have resources - I'm sorry, it's way too early in the morning!
    I plan on focusing on the narration and the isolation felt by Claire. I'm just hoping that something along those lines comes up in the paper!

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