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So low, really need some support please.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by ROSIEGIRL, Jan 2, 2012.


    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Maybe an appointment with Occupational health would be to your advantage? It would give you the opportunity to clarify your health situation and they in turn would be able to liase with school on your behalf about what would help and what is, frankly, inappropriate on the part of the school.
    Things do sound a bit dodgy at your school - there's no way a HLTA - Governor or not - should be tackling you about your health.
    Perhaps a chat with your union would help - not to go in all guns blazing, but to clarify for yourself and for school how things should progress from here.
  2. I have responded on your other thread on workplace dilemmas.
    Union and GP asap.
  3. I think Rosiegirl's advice is really good.
    It sounds like you are doing all you should be doing at your new school. There is evidence that you are working hard and putting systems into place. Be proud of that.
    Part of me says, go back, head held high, and continue to show how well you are doing...and the other part of me says perhaps you need medication to help you through a tough time emotionally. (I say 'go back' mainly because having time off seems to be something your colleagues intend to hang you for...and when you DO stay away, the work problems can magnify themselves. However...I appreciate that your colleagues have been less than fair in their dealings with you and now you are suffering. Catch 22?)
    I think most of us would be feeling awful if we'd had your HTLA/Governor on the case. She is over-stepping the mark, abusing her position and is in fact impeding the progress you have made.
    Sounds very much like you need someone on your side as the pressure being put on you is unfair. It's hard to know who to turn to if SLT and that school governor are in cahoots against you. I'd too suggest you have a chat with your Union rep.
    Best wishes...I hope you can sort this out.
  4. IndigoandViolet

    IndigoandViolet New commenter

    Sorry to hear things are very difficult for you at the moment. Everyone reacts differently to things, I can only tell you what has helped (and is helping!) me get through depression and teaching and unsupportive colleagues.
    A stupid tip I picked up at a CPD ages ago is, at the end of every day, write three things you have done well that day AND what characteristics they show about you. So, for example, if you consulted with the HLTA about an idea you wanted to do and how to implement it for a particular child (implicit message - I'm going to run this classroom but I value your input and will listen to your advice) then that would show that you are innovative (new ideas), assertive (actively managing your relationship with the HLTA) and open to compromise. How brilliant are you? Do it everyday, stick them up on an A3 piece of paper somewhere discrete (at home, inside a cupboard at school, under a desk!) and each week look at how much you have achieved and are achieving and how totally 100% able to cope you are. It's really corny, but somehow it worked for me!
    Also - either Teacher Support Network or the Samaritians or another phone helpline. People think you need to be really unwell to use them, but sometimes it's so useful to have someone you can just dump all your problems on and have a long chat with with absolutely no comeback or action plans or anything! Because I was diagnosed with depression I was able to access a befriending aservice that was a great way of getting someone I could completely offload on to and it be totally okay. You might find a support group for other women who have lost children helpful?
    It sounds like you really do need to be at school, but plan some lessons or projects that allow you to take it easy for a bit. KS2 are a bit young for me to offer suggestions, but I bet there's plenty where you could set them off for a bit then just support rather than it being all about you.
    Good luck and good wine!
  5. Hello
    I really feel for you .. I suggest you speak to your GP, then write a log of all thats happened all the dates everything, contact your union and ask for teacher support; then ask them also to get the regional rep to contact you.
    This will be hard as you are not feeling too great.
    Your GP will support you but you must be honest - go with a list of what has happened to you with regard to your health and lack of sleep et recently.
    Remember you are the most important person and you must look after you.
    Take it easy if you can get routines to help you do things - if you are signed off sick then follow the advice given. It can be tough but usually it works in the long run.
    Ask work for counselling through occupational health they have a duty of care to you and your health.
    Take care
  6. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Having had a horrid year the other yearwhen my face didn't fit in the school you've got my sympathies :( It was literally the night before going back for the spring term and I was just wanting to get out but I tried to push through. I ended up off sick for 2 weeks just before easter! Thankfully I was only on a one year contract though.

    My advice is a repeat of the same really, speak to your doctor/occupational health and your Union, the sooner the better! I'd also add that if you can afford to do it maybe put your notice in and go on supply again. I've been on supply since I left my last perm post, I got long term last year and it was at a much better school and it re-built most of my confidence, at another school now and i'm working on the last bits although if I'm honest I'm still feeling some minor wobbles about getting a full time perm post.

    I know things might seembad now but you'll get through this. But you'll need tomake you you put yourself first!

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