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So, it is confirmed that QTLS is equal to QTS , confused , please help

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by tranquil, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Hi guys .. I am a bit confused about QTLS and QTS . I am very aware of the fact that the news saying that we are going to be able to teach in schools.
    But is it only for people who teach vocational subjects 14-19? I did my PGCE back in 2005/2006 and I have my membership no through IFL but as well I have been teaching in schools and colleges since 2003.In schools as a supply unqualified up to now.
    Now, I am applying to the IFL to gain QTLS although I won't need it as I have been teaching prior to 2007.
    My question is : Can I apply in a secondary school with QTLS (main subject is English/Drama) and what happens to key stage 3 students and what about induction?
    It is all a bit vague through the IFL web as it says that QTLS is equal to QTS and then the Wolf review about voc ed.

    Any ideas ? Much appreciated ...

    Many thanks

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