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So. How was your day?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Orkrider2, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Orkrider2

    Orkrider2 Star commenter

    Mine was so much fun. I was late for work because orklet iii took a fancy to a couple of coat hangers and was using them as makeshift weapons, and prising them out of his grubby little fingers after he’d just assaulted orklet ii resulted in a half an hour meltdown. And, while I had two children in tears for pretty much no reason (she wasn’t really hurt, just had a bruised ego) orklet i decided 7am on Monday morning was the ideal time to tell me that the sole had fallen off of his only pair of school shoes and that he needed some.
    Oh and by the way, mr ork had a bad belly and had completely blocked the toilet before slipping away off to work. So everyone was in tears by 7.10 for various reasons, not least the eye watering smell coming from the bog.

    Then I managed to spill my first and only coffee of the day all down my front of my cream coloured top.

    After school I went to pick up my new phone, and got into a row with a woman who was blatantly behind me in the queue but claimed she was there first. Stood my ground and got my way, but then there was a problem with my order and suddenly the world and his dog decided to come in to the shop and there I am, already hated by the woman who thinks I pushed in (I didn’t), and taking up all 3 servers, who were running around trying to work out how I’d managed to crash the computer system while this enormous queue builds up out of the door. I have never felt so universally hated by every stranger within 50 feet as I did at that moment.

    Then finally, I made my way back to the car park to pick up my car from the valeting service there (I don’t normally indulge but it’s got to be serviced on Friday and I couldn’t bear the thought of them seeing it in the state it was in), and when I got in, i found a bundle of paper on the dash board, which turned out to be the printouts of the year 6 sex ed PowerPoint slides. Which explaines the weird looks I was getting when I went to retrieve my keys.

    Never have I been so glad to get home and out of harms way.

    On the plus side, my uncles op to remove his brain tumour seems to have gone well. They think they got all the cancer and he’s awake and knows who he is, why he’s there, can talk and move everything etc. Phew.
    If I had to have a nightmare day of crappy luck to let him have my share of good fortune, I can’t really complain, can I?

    So. How are you lot today?
  2. sebedina

    sebedina Occasional commenter

    Well, at least your horrible day is over and you will probably have a great day tomorrow.

    Unlike me... my husband has anger management issues and decided to let off one of his "landmines" on Saturday morning when I was getting up to start planning my day of work stuff.

    I felt like I am in 10 pieces emotionally and mentally. Plus had to deal with a bunch of very tricky kids. Had to give 7 detentions in one lesson.

    I am amazed I got through the day.

    Now wondering whether I am strong enough to make the right decision and try and manage on my own and let my "partner" go...or have another few years of misery...
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  3. sebedina

    sebedina Occasional commenter

    I feel like "I wish I had a caring boyfriend right now to talk to about my awful partner !" how ironic...

    Maybe I will get some sympathy and guidance from the cat and my close friend...who is miles away...
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  4. Orkrider2

    Orkrider2 Star commenter

    I’ve pmed you
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  5. Aquamarina1234

    Aquamarina1234 Star commenter

    I had a car park tawt incident on Sat too. So wotchgondo, jerk? Drive into my car? Get out in front of all these people and... what?
    Turns out slamming an inanimate object with his hand while leaving his missis to find another space was it.
    agathamorse likes this.
  6. Aquamarina1234

    Aquamarina1234 Star commenter

    Tscha. All i got from my husband of 40 yrs was "I hope he didn't dent/scratch the car." Longevity is not an assured comfort.
    agathamorse likes this.
  7. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    It's PSHE Day here today - need I say more.
    agathamorse likes this.
  8. coffeekid

    coffeekid Star commenter

    I've had a great day - very productive. I did spill my takeaway coffee all over the self service till though, which, seeing as I usually disapprove of both self service tills AND takeaway coffee, serves me bloody well right.
    To everyone who had a truly sh***y day, I hope your tomorrows are better than your todays.
    agathamorse and Geoff Thomas like this.
  9. Aquamarina1234

    Aquamarina1234 Star commenter

    Thanks, it was :)
    agathamorse likes this.
  10. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    I've had a great day so far. I finished all the sanding at the flat I'm working on and now I'm ready to wash down and start painting. From now until 21st December I will be all alone in that flat with Radio 4 on and painting everything. It's a joy to be free to just work as I want and have no boss bothering me.
  11. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    We have a two week timetable and this week is the nicer week... more PPA and non-contactness so I'm more relaxed.

    Glad you uncle is doing well Ork, brain tumour sounds nasty...
    If a PSHE day is like some of the whole school days I've had to get through in the past you have my deepest sympathies Peakster.
    Cars seem to bring out the worst in people Aqua... glad it didn't escalate.
    And I hope someone switches the light on at the end of the tunnel for sebedina.

    Meanwhile I think Jude needs to get that dog back... we all know he secretly misses it. The first cracks appearing in his stoic lone warrior facade.
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  12. monicabilongame

    monicabilongame Star commenter

    I had a lie-in, finishing a book, until about 11am.
    Then I got up and pootled about a bit before chilling out on the sofa.
    After that I did a bit of study work.
    Now I have my feet up with a cuppa.
    Life is good.

    And now you can all hate me! :p
  13. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I've got a cold and feel a bit grotty and shivery. But at least I don't have to feel like this AND go to work!! #retired
  14. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    @Orkrider2 what kind of surgery did your uncle have? My daughter has been diagnosed with a brain tumour (having spent a year in pain which was thought to have been caused by botched dental treatment ) and has a clinic appointment on Monday week when, hopefully, she will find out what they are going to do - gamma knife or normal surgery. Her case is now marked as urgent but everything seems to be going so slowly.
    agathamorse likes this.
  15. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Oh, no @InkyP!!! I'm so sorry to hear that. :(

    I remember you talking about the dental problem - what a shock to discover this. Of course, your husband will know what's what. Let's hope it can be dealt with swiftly, so that life can return to normal. Xx
    racroesus, agathamorse and InkyP like this.
  16. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    Went to the hygienist with Mrs FW (£112 for 30 minutes each... luckily we won just enough this month on Premium Bonds to cover that, so paid the cheques in), then on to a couple of Charity shops to get rid of some more books and other things we can't find room for in our new (smaller) home, to the Building Society to change our address and on to the Council Recycling Centre to get rid of a boot full of things not even a charity ship would want, and on a Doctor near our new home to register... Then home and realised we'd been out from 09.50 to just after 15.00...

    Where does the time go when you'e retired?;)

    PS Apologies to all those still hard at work,pushing back the tide of ignorance (& that's just the SLT:D) a little bit... I did do my bit for over 30 years... But I assure you retirement is SO MUCH better! ;)
  17. RepelloInimicum

    RepelloInimicum Lead commenter

    Best wishes to you and yours @InkyP for a speedy and positive outcome.
    bombaysapphire, agathamorse and InkyP like this.
  18. Orkrider2

    Orkrider2 Star commenter

    I'm not sure to be honest. They described it as 'debulking'. That's all I know.
    Sorry to hear about your daughter, wishing her well!
    agathamorse and InkyP like this.
  19. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Best wishes to your daughter @InkyP
    agathamorse and InkyP like this.
  20. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Thank you all. It's been a worrying time and went on too long, the hospital assuming the dentist had made the right diagnosis for a start. It took a couple of private consultations to get this far although I am normally the strongest supporter of the NHS.

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