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So.. has the TDA confirmed its allocations?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by MathsWhizz91, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. MathsWhizz91

    MathsWhizz91 New commenter

    I've read bits and pieces online saying that they had been confirmed to unis this week, and there is a document oline showing places.. but is this real and confirmed? Anyone heard from the actual unis themselves about their allocations?
    I'm waiting for Greenwich uni to get back to me to confirm the provisional offer they have already made me.
  2. Yes, the Universities have been notified of their allocations by TDA (I lead a PGCE course and I know my allocation). However, once again Mr. Gove has made cuts to the number of places available in total. Some Universities may now be considering whether certain courses are viable with reduced numbers (whether the revenue from running the course sufficiently exceeds its costs). Last year (and I presume this will happen again) some last minute 'horse trading' took place. Suppose both Institution A and Institution B have been allocated 10 places each for History and Geography. Suppose neither thinks that courses are viable with those numbers. Institution A may approach Institution B and say "We'll give you our History places if you give us your Geography places". Thus each institution may retain one viable course with 20 places. Don't blame the Universities for this shambles, in the old days we knew our allocations in September/October before we started recruiting. Since Gove has taken over we get these last minute decisions and have to make our initial plans in ignorance.
  3. MathsWhizz91

    MathsWhizz91 New commenter

    Thanks for the reply! I had heard about the swapping of places idea but wasn't sure what it meant, so thanks for helping ;)
    I was given a provisional offer for PGCE Primary, and was in the first batch of interviews. I think they may have only had 1 or 2 more interview days since then; what are the chances do you think of my offer being confirmed and safe? Do all uni's offer their places on a first-come-first-served basis?
  4. I had a provisional offer from Leicester who have since contacted me and said that a final decision will be made in January. Appreciate that it's not the same course/uni, but I don't think many (if any!) are making any final decisions before Christmas :)
  5. MathsWhizz91

    MathsWhizz91 New commenter

    Thanks for the info. guys! :) x
  6. Thanks for all this info guys - I had heard they had wanted to have the allocations done by last week but alas, no. When they January, do you think they mean early Jan or end of the month? I am just very impatient is all!!
  7. You can download all the relevant allocation material from the TDA on my blog, www.jsavage.org.uk

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