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So do you see most heads squeezing RS out if the Eng Bac comes to fruitation?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by andrew07, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. andrew07

    andrew07 Occasional commenter

    Do you see the subject disappearing in non faith schools. My school is proposing many options if the ENG BAC comes to life. One of the options (because they think there may not be any room to teach it if the Eng Bac comes to life) is to squeeze it out in favour of Languages.

    Do you see most heads doing this? Should I even bother applying for other RS jobs and do you see RS eventually being phased out of most schools or do you think I just have a senior team that is not supportive. I mean, our SMT has already taken loads of students out of my year ten lessons in order for them to catch up on English and Maths. Advice please.
  2. andrew07

    andrew07 Occasional commenter

    Religious Studies is a four letter dirty word at my school. There is a BIG opposition against it from the students and many parents.
  3. I think that the secular state system will have to collapse totally before its finally put out of its misery. Abandonment of RE, when it's abundantly clear to all that the root of the problems is a lack f moral seriousness, will be part of the death rattle. It won't be pretty to watch. But the long-term out-look for RE teachers is very bright.

  4. SteveWoodhouse

    SteveWoodhouse New commenter

    It depends on your school.
    Schools still have to hit the 35% 5 A*-Cs (inc. E&M) figure. For many they will think they'll struggle to get 35% through the E-Bac, so the brighter non-EBac pupils have got to get their 5.
    If a school thinks they're likely to pass RS then they'll push it. If they think RS is weak they won't.
    Ditto all the other subjects, I suppose.
    If the school will get decent E-Bac/ 5 A*-C (inc.E&M) figures anyway, then they'll want to offer options outside the E-Bac which are popular with E-Bac pupils and where lower-ability pupils are less likely to kick off.
    In short, if you have a weak RE/RS department, then this may be just the excuse your school has been waiting for to squeeze you out. If you have a strong department then the school will want to look after you.
    Steve W
  5. well rs is very strong in our school and our reward?
    no option groups - as not in bacc- but all students to do full course in 1 hour per week!! same targets, same performance management expectations but half the time of geog and history. they expect us to do after school and holiday sessions - well they can swing for that.
    in my opinion this is just taking rs off at the knees.
    there rational is that this is done in other schools - well if it is your mad. in my opinoion you may think ypu are 'protecting' the subject but i feel you are setting a veery distructive president that is comming home to roost
  6. Hi

    I completely agree _ with - 44% A*-A, 89% A*-C in full course, my school is trying to include RE in the E_BAC as this would increase their results.

    But this is the same for any subject if you are successful your school will support you.


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