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So come on...what's your guilty viewing pleasure during the hols?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Cassandra, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. We've frittered loads of time away watching repeats of the incomparable Judge Judy.
    My ideal guilty TV day would consist of a mixture of Ghost Hunters/Most Haunted, History/Military Channels, Who Do You Think You Are and, just in case something BIG happens in the real world, Sky News.
  2. Its Diagnosis Murder for me!!! A real treat is to time lunch around the same time & just sit & watch!! Guilty pleasure indeed!!
  3. Supernanny US... [​IMG]
  4. Have watched repeats of Darling Buds of May, and really enjoyed it.
    I've discovered CSI, not really got into before but think I'm hooked now.
  5. Judge Judy rocks. There should be a Judge Judy in every school.
  6. I like this too. The children (and their parents) are usually even worse than their UK counterparts.
    My other guilty pleasure is Doctors on BBC1. Some great storylines as well as some rubbish ones, good acting and the gorgeous Dr Daniel! Has anyone else seen it?
  7. Just found repeats of 'You Are What you Eat.'
    Dr Gillian examining poo- perfect way to waste an afternoon![​IMG]
  8. Thank goodness I'm not alone!
    I find that the Style Network channel keeps me transfixed; particularly Guiliana & Bill, Ruby and How do I look?
    My ultimate guilty pleasure is The Hills. I hate myself for watching it [​IMG].
  9. alas, i reckon i've seen every episode at least 3 times and now need to seek out pastures new
    same for 'father dowling' and 'murder she wrote'

  10. saxo07

    saxo07 New commenter

    Judge Judy all the way! Bird the 'bailiff' is hilarious.
    I'm also a bit obsessed with Midsomer Murders. Oh and I've just been introduced to Ghost Whisperer. Not usually my kind of thing (supernatural tosh) but I watched four episodes back to back on sunday night and now I'm hooked!
  11. Soaps, although this is usually my Saturday morning treat to myself, when I watch the omnibus showings back to back (German soaps are even naffer than British ones but just as curiously addictive).
    I also tend to rewatch all my DVD boxed collections of things like Taggert, A Touch of Frost, Midsomer Murders, New Tricks and Dr. Who.
    Or switch to the Crime channel or my german TV package and watch CSI all day.

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