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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by scienceteacha, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. scienceteacha

    scienceteacha New commenter

    Go higher up and demand a different line manager if I were you. Unless your room really IS untidy! I have been told off for room untidiness before, but it was justified and tidying it up made me feel much better!
    If you have a vindictive streak, watch THEIR room and if your LM's room becomes untidy, report THEM to the Head!
    Know what you mean about 'somebody making me trip up at every opportunity.' Teaching feels like this sometimes!

  2. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    This reminds me of my former 'line manager' who when she arrived had an obsession with sections etc being tidy ( gosh I can still remember the irritating way she pronounced the word! ) though by the same token it all depended on whose section it was. I remember being quite annoyed ( I hate being singled out! ) when she requested I tidy my relatively neat area when nearby ones were far, far worse! Honestly, I thought there was something wrong with my perception and even asked others in the Dept who fully agreed with me!
    My point therefore is, as illustrated by the above, (as I'd already suspected from former experience),this was a smoke screen for something else-it was her way of exerting control. As it turned out she herself became one of the untidiest in the Dept- being constantly complained about by other members she shared rooms with! [​IMG]
  3. Sometimes certain people just seem to have it in for you don’t
    they. I keep my classrooms spotless but
    one day a child completely trashed it destroying almost all of my resources
    that I had spent a long time making. What
    was the response of SLT...this room has become a health and safety issue, it
    must be sorted out by Monday! (The child-nothing) It’s a horrible situation but there isn’t really
    anything you can do apart from leave. </font>
    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">


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