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SNITT GTP Interview in February

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by ihart, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Are there any other SNITT GTP hopefuls witing to find out where they will be having their secondary GTP interview?

    Are there are readers of this who completed the GTP with SNITT last year and could give me some advice?

    Any information will be gratefully recieved.


  2. I am on the GTP course with SNITT at the moment doing English. What would you like to know?

  3. Likewise, am also waiting to hear where interview will be! Probably Aylsham/Lynn Grove or Notre being 'Partner Schools' I guess.
  4. I'm waiting for interview for Chemistry.
    Just hoping all the preparation and stuff I am doing is going to be okay!

    Not sure how many schools they have to choose from - I'm quite close to Norwich so am hoping to be in one of the Norwich schools - easier travel etc.

  5. I too am awaiting for an interview date for the ICT GTP. I have an interview for the snitt on friday, I like to cover all bases.

    The SNITT emailed me an update re bursaries and sent me a letter regarding my interview this week, so I have not had long to prepare. I have to give a 5 min presentation on a choice of two topics, to a pupil panel. However, the letter says that this is on a carosel basis and you may have to do this more than once!

    Good luck
  6. Hi all,

    I have an interview for the English GTP. I'm really nervous about the interview but am really looking forward to the task with the students, as I've been worked with students for about five years now! I've been waiting to apply for about four years as I've been doing a PT degree.

    Tigerleaf, can you tell me a bit about the subject knowledge grilling that you faced in the interview? Also, which exam paper/ question did you have to answer? It must be hard to do a Lit question, unless you've read one of the set books?

    Thank you
  7. jenstowell

    jenstowell New commenter

    Has anyone had their interview date yet for SNITT? I've been told the week commencing 14th or 28th Feb for GTP Primary but not heard anymore, which may mean only a week to arrange cover and book travel arrangements. Hope to hear soon!!
  8. Had my details through on Friday for my Primary GTP interview, mine is
    the 14th. I would guess that if you haven't had yours yet then you are
    probably during the second week. Maybe it's a way of making sure
    everyone has the same amount of time to prepare?
  9. For the Secondary GTP Interviews I have been given the following dates: w/c 28th Feb or 7th March...
  10. How did you get on? I have got mine 1 march, am so scared i can not think straight...
  11. Hi,
    Sorry it took a while. The subject knowledge is really important and, I think, one of the main considerations.
    I was asked about the literature I enjoyed/specialised in; the role of Shakespeare in the curriculum and, to talk about something difficult I have taught/will teach and, how I would communicate this to students. I talked about approaches to Paradise Lost. I would go for a text from the literary canon for this one as they want to see that you have a depth of literary knowledge and good skills of analysis so that you can break it down for students.
    The task was from an old GCSE language paper. Something like 'Write an advice leaftet for new students of the school..'. Very easy - they just want to see that you can communicate clearly, coherently and accurately. If you have a decent degree in an essay subject you're fine.
    Good luck, let me know if you want anything else.
  12. I have my Primary GTP interview coming soon. Really looking forward to it, but a bit nervous too. Don't quite know what to expect. We have been asked to read a 5 minute story to Year 3 pupils and present for 5 minutes on the qualities of a good teacher and why we'd fit the bill. Fingers crossed and best of luck to anyone who's applying this year.
  13. Hi, I have a Primary GTP interview soon too. Did your letter from the school say your story had to be 5 mins? My letter only tells me that I will be reading for year 3 and gives no guidance on the length of time they want you to spend with them?
    Good luck everyone and well done for getting this far!
  14. sez142

    sez142 New commenter

    My letter from the school where my interview is says 20minutes. Mine is with year 6. I'm trying to work out if you need to read a whole book in 20 minutes or just a section. I'm guessing just a section..
  15. Hi Sez, I read an extract from a book by Michael Morpurgo, then i had 5 questions laminated and got the kids to choose one each and answer it, I had a ten minute slot so 5 minutes was reading and 5 minutes was answering questions. The assessor gave me a 2 minute warning so I could wrap up the lesson and discuss the learning objective I had given them at the beginning of the activity.
    I had lots of people recommend different books but decided on the M.M one because it had a theme that I could talk about with them. Its important that there are things you can discuss with the children about the particular book. Maybe have a look at the National Curriculum for Year 6 and see if theres any themes you can pick up on in there.
  16. sez142

    sez142 New commenter

    Thanks for replying. That sounds good. I've got some ideas just need to decide on the book that will have what I'm thinking of. I've got 20minutes so bit longer. Have you heard back from yours, when was it?
  17. Hi I'd really like to know what the maths test is like, I'm revising at GCSE level but want to make surei cover all the material. ?
  18. Hiya- are you talking about the task day maths tests? I sat the primary task day. Maths wasn't that hard, per say, just quick!! Not a lot of time for the questions. So I'd say perhaps don't worry too much about revising stuff from GCSE level, maybe stick to KS2, but get it down so that you can apply it easily in a pressured situation.

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