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Sneaky Ofsted

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by fairport, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. fairport

    fairport New commenter

    I was phoned today with the wonderful news of a one day monitoring visit tomorrow. After the phone conversation, the inspector phoned back to say that his internet service was down so he couldn't receive the documents he wanted me to send. Instead he announced he would drive over to school to collect. This meant that 1.5 hours after the phone call, he was in my office looking at data with me, all the while stressing that the inspection hadn't really started!

    He was with me for 2 hours this afternoon. Has anyone experienced this, as I'm feeling annoyed that I really only got a few hours notice. At least it will all be over before the weekend!
  2. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Unacceptable I'd complain. Hope it went well
  3. Actually, there's no grounds for complaint, since under section 8, the lead inspector can go to the school and prepare the inspection on the afternoon before the inspection starts. The fact he phoned you at all is actually very nice of him! The Ofsted document Monitoring inspections of schools whose overall effectiveness is satisfactory says : 'The monitoring inspection is carried out without prior notification. It lasts for one day although the lead inspector will arrive at the school the afternoon beforehand to meet with senior leaders and complete preparation and planning for the inspection'.

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