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Snap poll - how many hours/lessons do you have for double science per week/fortnight

Discussion in 'Science' started by nicki_p, May 1, 2012.

  1. nicki_p

    nicki_p New commenter

    We are feeling very under pressure with regards to the number of lessons we have to deliver our double and triple award science. We have 7 hours per fortnight for double award in year 10 and 11 and 9 lessons per fortnight for triple (3 lessons per fortnight for each science). We suspect we are being well short-changed and have only just finished the syllabus for Additional Science on Friday!!! I'm under the impression that science should have 20% curriculum which means we should have 10 lessons for double award!
    How many do you have and what % of curriculum time does this represent?
  2. jermar

    jermar New commenter

    We have 5 hours a week for double science, spilt up as four 1hour 15 min lessons. Two teachers having two lessons a week sharing the same group,

    We start our triple award in year 9, as we have no additional time for it in year 10/11
  3. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    4 x one hour lessons per week for double. 6 x one hour for triple.
  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    That is out of a 25 lesson week.
  5. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    9 x 1hr periods per fortnight for double and triple.
    it doesn't work well
  6. 3 hours a week for double award, 6 for triple at the moment. 3 hours a week for triple next September....and no it won't work!
  7. 5 hours per week, for both double and triple.
  8. 3x55min for core science
    3x55min for additional science
    Triple science taught as an after school tag on
    3 lessons is just under 1/9th curriculum here (28 lessons a week!Hey look I can do some maths!!)
  9. 6 x 50 mins for Core/Additional
    9 x 50 minutes for separate sciences
    (per week of 30 lessons)
  10. 4 x 50 minutes for core
    6 x 50 minutes additional (2 x 50 minute lessons with each specialist teacher)
    6 x 50 minutes triple (2 x 50 minute lessons with each specialist teacher)
    Controlled assessment been an extra demand this year and we have ended up spending a large amount of time after school to complete this. I teach the Triple Science Physics and I would love more than two 50 minute lessons a week to really cover the learning in the depth it requires - I find myself skipping practicals to try and cover the content - not good!!

  11. physicsteacher2

    physicsteacher2 New commenter

    We have 5x50mins per week for core in Y10, the same again for additional in Y11.
    We get an extra 2 lessons per week for triple. Although this translates into me getting 1x50 min lesson per week to teach P3. Oh, and I only got to start in mid feb. *takes deep breath*
    It will change next year to:
    5x50 per week Y9-Y11 to include triple for the most able or a slower approach for the weakest.
  12. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    5 hours a week for double and triple, 3 hours a week for Core only / BTEC.
  13. 4 per week year 10-11, 3 per week year 9.

    We fit triple into the core time but we start all out GCSE courses in year 11.

    We used to have 9 per fortnight + 2 triple.
  14. madscientist101

    madscientist101 New commenter

    we do triple in double time so 6 for them, our double have 6 but will be down to 5 next year
    Don't ask what our results are like :-(
  15. all groups have 9 a fortnight so Science every day except one! Triple have no additional time

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