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SMTdude, would it be possible to take a moment of your time?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Jaupua, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Jaupua

    Jaupua New commenter

  2. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    "Flattering to have been asked", as I say to younger members of the staff football team who pass the ball three metres ahead of where I am panting, expecting me to sprint on to it.
    I'm sure there are better people to ask, and I'll mention three at the end.
    If you want an idea of the kind of things we Tokers discuss with the students and the level we pitch it at them, you could get your hands on one of the three or four textbooks out there, which are sound but should never form the spinal column of the course.
    However you mentioned 'scholarly articles' meaning, I suppose, methodologically sound and well written-up pieces of research about some aspect of ToK: These might include
    the origins and history of the course's design and successive modifications;
    the qualifications and experience of those asked to teach it, in the early days and now;
    the different ways schools implement the programme; staffing, rotation, calendar etc.
    reception of the course by its victims in Year 12, and what they think of it two (and ten) years on;
    ways in which schools prepare their younger students for this aspect of the Diploma;
    correlations of ToK success to subject choice, eg: do HL Scientists do better than Humanities types or vice-versa ?;
    correlations of success to region, eg: are Northamerican schools doing better than Asian or European ones?
    These and several other questions would be interesting to explore, and that's before we even get to controversies about quality and consistency of assessment.
    All I could do, I am afraid, was go to our library and look through our holdings of two journals, The International Schools Journal,
    and the Journal of Research in International Education,
    We have almost a complete set of the first, and several editions of the second, and I came up with... nowt.
    Which was not unexpected as I always read these mags through when they come in (honestly) and could not recall anything 'scholarly' on ToK.
    Professor Jeff Thompson, emeritus of the Department of Education at the University of Bath, and Mary Hayden of the same splendid institution, had their hands in the founding of these periodicals and much else. They are both lovely people and shining lights in International education. While it might not be proper for me to paste a link here, you can find their e-mails easily at the University site, and I am sure that they would answer you.
    Another ToK sage and ole-timer is the current Chair of the Regional Advisory Council for IB Americas, a Chilean gentleman with a Scottish surname who is head of a school down there that has a Scottish name. You'll find him easily enough.
    If one of these three doesn't know the whereabouts of scholarly writing on ToK, then you can bet that there is as yet no such thing, leaving a juicy 'gap in the market' for someone.
    Then again there may be an habitué of this forum who knows of some such article - and having answered your direct request I now apologise for being of little help, and yield the floor.
    If you find anything, let us know.

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