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SMT role - biggest influence so far

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by brazenhussy, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Reading these posts I was thinking on how useful this website has been for me as a new AHT. People are always so generous in giving useful advice.One thing that has made a difference to my work was the link to a website about using data and school evaluation, Ofsted etc. It was at www.mikebostock.wordpress.com and I gone back to it several times because my role is for pupil attainment and monitoring. It is full of ideas and has very sensible advice. You can work out what you are doing wrong from it. We have changed our approach over this term to how we are using exam data and target setting.
  2. I remember reading this last term after a posting here but forgot the link. Thanks for the reminder.
    Although this article is a bit idealistic it did help us realise how much more we should be doing with school data. With the cuts we are looking at all posts and we have 2 staff who do the data, but Ofsted criticised us in their last visit for not being able to show what difference these staff made. Teachers spend ages filling in tracking marksheets each term which we also put into a spreadsheet so we can print out lists of pupils in the marginals. An inspector went through this process in detail but said that it wasn't resulting in any improvements so wasn't cost effective. My role is achievement so this is down to me to sort out. Any advice?
  3. The school where I am a governor is looking at a deficit of about £95,000 this year as a result of the new governments cuts. This is because so many sources of income have dried up. The only way to save that sort of money is through salaries. Our aim is not to cut the front line, i.e. teachers, but we will be looking at efficiencies in the curriculum. What has happened over the years is a huge build up of ancillary staff. We have huge numbers of IT staff and office staff. We need to lose between six and eight so we are looking at how they contribute to the running of the school. The data team is one area where we are looking at moving to one high-level support role and a bolstered up assistant head to lead on this.
    One theme that will drive these changes is making sure we can see the impact of what everyone does. My advice to the previous post is to make sure that in your role you sort out the problem that you describe because in my school we would be expecting you to streamline the process since you know it is unsatisfactory and that you lead in this area.
  4. Thank you for pointing out this website. I actually did enjoy reading it. As someone generally depressed with the constant government interfering with education I actually felt quite optimistic that someone here actually understood education and could write sensibly about it. Ofsted has damaged the lives of many of us who do our best for the pupils we teach. This is the first time that I have seen someone point out what is wrong with the situation and also say how it can be put right. Well done author whoever you are.

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