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SMSA friend needs help please

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gorgybaby, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. School Meals Supervisory Assistant?? Or as a PGCE student from your neck of the woods charmingly called them - Dinner Nanny??
    Anyway, I would not tend to automatically think Child Protection about this - but she did right to inform the HT if she had any doubts at all, assuming HT is designated teacher. It doesn't sound like a disclosure, rather as if this lady became aware and reported it. No need for the HT to have disclosed any source.
    What an idiot though to have a Facebook page. I don't use Facebook thank the Lord, I can while away hours of my time very happily on here thank you very much, without signing up for that. What the hell was she playing at, setting up a page for, I think Y6 kids? Stupid stupid stupid.
  2. emylou

    emylou New commenter

    School Midday Superviser

    I'm not sure it is but I think my friend thought that as it was something the mum had been doing to the girl since she was 6 it might not have been appropriate so she told her Head. But still. surely the Head shouldn't have named the SMSA to the parent??
  3. Has the kid got legs like a gorilla?
  4. Oh...a dinner lady!
    I am still totally confused as to why leg shaving is a child protection issue.
    Odd maybe, but a child protection issue?
    Has the world gone mad?
  5. Not my first thought CQ but I suppose it could be part of a sinister process. In any case if this lady had any doubts she was right to report it. If the little girl has older sisters she might just want to copy them, there could be other reasons (see my precious post) but you should always report any concerrns, never sit on them.
  6. I appreciate that - but this seems a bit crazy.

  7. Re my post 10 - please note that ALL of my posts are precious, although some may also be previous. And I got a little Scottish with my concerns as well.
  8. When I last went on CP training I found that attitudes were slightly different in primary and secondary. Whereas if a kid told me he had been wrestlng with his brother and had a couple of bruises I might not have done any more than question, note, and keep an eye. Primary colleagues took it more seriously.
  9. I think some people in primary take some things far too seriously. There is a fear and accusation culture growing amongst some primary staff and the most normal everday things suddenly become a sign of abuse. We had an incident in our LA where a member of staff reported a father to CP because his nursery child had said that when he was in the bath daddy had to run in quickly and have a wee because he couldn't wait! She deemed this as completely inappopriate and reported him under the guise of a sexually abusive parent.
  10. As for the OP and the facebook page......a very very stupid move!
  11. The world has definitely gone mad.
  12. Indeed it has and then we wonder why children are mollycoddled, cannot fend for themselves and lack initiative. Get a grip folks! This is natural parenting.
  13. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Fancy a parent shaving a child's leg. Far better to give the 6 year old the razor and let her get on with it herself!
  14. y4me

    y4me New commenter

    Too right!

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