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SMILE Cards on the National STEM website

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by paulcollins, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. paulcollins

    paulcollins New commenter

    I have recently started my GTP in Mathematics and have found the SMILE Cards our Maths tutor
    was talking about...they're brilliant and I've downloaded all of them from the
    following website


    so many of them, the activity list pdf is essential as it shows you the title of
    each card - alternatively you could search for a word in the document and it'd
    take you to the relevant cards. There is also a 'wealth of worksheets' pdf
    document that links the SMILE activity cards to the NC Levels, this can be found


    a good resource - had to share it with all (I noticed there were a few posts a few years back asking for them!)

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