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Smear test after pregnancy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by bradley10, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. I may be wrong on this one but I think its 3 months x
  2. I'm very impressed you're so organised. I've one on Wednesday (after missing my routine one because of pregnancy) and I'm absolutely dreading it. Does anyone know if there is something they can do for nervous patients? I've never particularly liked them (who does?!) but could at least bare it, but after giving birth when I had a traumatic experience of the doctor trying to remove a rather tricky piece of placenta by shoving his hand up my bits 10 mins after giving birth, the idea of a speculum fills me with absolute dread. I know it's all psychological but getting myself quite worked up about it.

  3. Cheers for the replies. Lily pot your experience sounds awful, I'd be traumatised too. I would tell the doctor performing smear, I've struggled with them since a horrendous botched coil insertion, and they just take things a bit slower, and put your mind at rest a bit. It's hard for them to do a smear if you re not relaxed so it's worth them relaxing you first!! Maybe even using some anaesthetic gel or something to psychologically make you feel better?
  4. lily,
    I don't mind smears too much but they do have trouble inserting a speculum and nurse always goes to get a smaller one! Then i'm fine. Could you ask for the smaller size to be used. It makes a real difference to me.
    My smear was due in Nov, I couldn't face it (gave birth June) but have promised myself I'll go in the new year (Im usually very good about keeping up with medical stuff). My period arrived after 18 months of no periods so it was a reminder. Even if you haven't had a period the nurse told me to go for my smear so if anyone's reading who hasn't got cycles back still go!!!!
  5. I gave birth in April and had my smear 12 weeks later, i was dreading it too as i'd had a difficult birth and didn't feel that good about my "bits". So i asked the drs receptionist for their advice on the most "gyny" experienced dr and booked an appointment with her. I think it was more of a pyschological thing but it helped me relax as i felt that i was in the hands of someone who really knew what they were doing. I talked to the dr first and she was great and was really gentle. Yes it hurt, (my womb tilts backwards so it was difficult for her to find the cervix) but i just closed my eyes and kept repeating in my head "i've had a baby - that hurt a helluva lot more" and it was ok.
    So go get it booked and good luck! x
  6. Yes, the old speculum. I'm a bit of an old hand for reasons I would rather not discuss, but also I have had a couple during this pregnancy. All I will say is that some doctors/ nurses are a lot more gentle than others. If you.find a gentle one then make sure you go back to them.

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