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Smartboard magic?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by regencyrob, May 12, 2011.

  1. Go into control panel
    Make sure you have your monitor set as screen 1 and your whiteboard set as screen 2
    Tick the box that says 'extend my windows desktop onto this display.'
    Its great you can do it at home if you want to watch tv off your laptop and work at the same time or plug a monitor into your laptop and have Itunes on the monitor as you work etc!
  2. We do this with our computer/TV at home. My husband's the techie though, not me.

    I would guess that it's to do with the monitor settings on the laptop, and switching between the main display being the board/laptop screen. Go to Control Panel (I assume you're on Windows) and then - for me on Windows 7 - there's an option to Connect to a Projector. Click on that, select which type of connection you need, and whoosh - I can move a window onto another screen, while still having everything else on my laptop. I think it's similar - although perhaps not so easy - on older versions of Windows.

    An easier option - if you are just displaying one slide on the smart board - would probably be to freeze the projected image on the board, which then allows you to keep using your laptop.
  3. Joi

    Joi New commenter

    There is a freeze button on the Smartboard remote. When pressed whatever image is on the whiteboard stays there, and you can do what you like on the laptop. Just remember when you unfreeze by pressing the freeze button again that something suitable for public viewing is now displayed...

  4. Thanks for replying. I have had a play at home on the pc and think i get it now. The freeze button is great but i wanted to be able to carry on using the smartboard as usual; go to next page on notebook file or a powerpoint or whatever.
    Thanks for the advice though...[​IMG]

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