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Smart trikes

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by kittenmittens, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Does anyone have one of these for their LO? I have been extremely lucky to get one on Freecycle which has hardly been used. It says suitable from 10 months on the website but does this depend on weight? My LO is very small. Also does anyone know how to get the seat cover off? Mine is a bit grubby, they are machine washable but I don't know how to get the cover off over the recliner button... I think it's the zoo model from looking on the website but the lady who gave it to me didn;t have the instructions. Thanks x
  2. We have one- birthday present from the grandparents. My daughter is small (1 year and in 3-6 and 6-9 months clothes) and is fine in it- she can sit up straight, she can't reach the foot rests but doesn't seem to bother her, she can lean forward to reach the handle bars- doesnt look as if she will fall out- so try your daughter in it and see how it looks.

    Yours is a bit different to ours as there is no recliner button on ours or seat cover but if it has a recliner it is sounds suitable for smaller babies,
    My LO loves it- looks so cute
  3. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    That's really helpful Moomoon, I'll try my LO in it when the weather's better! If it's too soon for her we'll keep it for later on. I still can't work out how to get the seat cover off- it's a bit grubby so needs a wash. Apart from that it looks brand new though [​IMG]

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