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Smart Trikes

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by MrsDetermined, May 29, 2011.

  1. Meeeeeeeee!!!!
    I became a little obsessed! Their website is useful for seeing the stages.
    We bought Seb the recliner one that is suitable from 6 months. As the name suggests the seat reclines which I thought was handy but apart from this there isn't much difference between the recliner and the other similar models (deluxe and zoo).
    I really liked the zoo range, we wanted the bee but I liked that the recliner seat is a proper full seat even when the trike is stripped down.
    Otherwise they are all the same.
    We really love it and Seb thinks it's fantastic. There is a bag on the handle that has a really good raincover in and room for a nappy and wipes so you're all set for short trips.
    We found the best price at ELC or Mothercare. We bought from Mothercare because the red recliner (which was the one we really wanted) is red and white at ELC and we weren't keen but if you like an ELC one then asda are doing Ella's kitchen pouches with a 20% off at ELC voucher attached (this may be at all supermarkets).
    Happy shopping :)

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