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SMART Table what's your opinion?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ProfHarry, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. I'm looking at resources as part of my school's ICT Audit and the IT 5 year Development Plan. I've just read in the Sherston Catalogue about the New SMART Table. Does any Primary School already use one? What are they like? It seems rather small in the photo, does this cause a problem? Any thoughts?
  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Limited software, you are limited to the provided activities - mind, I know my own school has never really made good use of things like concept keyboards or software such as devtray because no-one could be bothered to build their own activity.
  3. I had a go on one at the EduGeek Technical Help Point at BETT this year. You're right, it's a bit smaller than you might think - half-a-dozen pupils could fit round it, not really any more. We ran a quick and completly un-scientiftic test to see how many simultanious touch points it could register (quick, everyone, let's see how many fingers we can get on it!) and got to around 70, so half-a-dozen pupils (each with 10 fingers) about fits the bill.
    At the show I didn't really see anything demonstrated on it that I thought was really interesting, or particuarly imaganative - just some puzzle games, and £4,500 (the asking price for the Smart Table) would buy you a lot of real-life (3D!) puzzle games. I get the impression exeryone's a bit short on interesting multi-touch applications at the moment - Smart are running a competition:
    £4,500 sounds like a lot of money for one bit of equipment. If the price comes down a bit - and give it 3 years and I think it will do - then you could outfit a whole classroom with them, one between six, which might enable some interesting collaberative exercises. Basically, give it 3 years and it'll be cheaper and there'll be some useful content available for it.
  4. Thank you bectonboy and dhicks for your responses. I think I'll indeed wait a bit before looking into such a resource. But I like the idea of all gathering around to see how many people could touch it simultaneously. I'm going to the Education Show in March, if it's there I might do the same. The price tag is rather expensive but will these 'tables' become obsolete by more mobile technology for less money I wonder?
  5. Hi,

    I work for SMART in Canada, and I just wanted to chime in on this topic - the SMART Table comes with a tool that allows teachers to create their own activities or customize existing ones. Teachers have been creating lots of activities and are sharing them - we're about to create a section on the SMART Exchange dedicated to SMART Table resources. This will allow teachers to share their activities to help others save time.

    We are even offering new applications to add to the SMART Table: http://exchange.smarttech.com/search.html?m=07&


    <a>Free SMART Board Resources and Lessons[/URL]

  6. After reading the multi-touch PC review roundup is this month's PC Pro I nipped in to PC World to have a play with a couple of Windows 7 powered multi-touch PCs. The PCs they had in there did indeed do multi-touch, but not an awful lot by way of anything particularly educational - there was a vaugly touch-enabled version of Microsoft's Google-Earth like application, a screen saver that made like a fish tank that you could poke to create ripples, and that was about it. It did strike me that you could simply get one of those PCs, chop a hole in a table, stick the PC in the hole and bang, you have a multi-touch table. That would set you back about &pound;1,000 (including quite a posh table), which is &pound;3,500 cheaper than a Smart table. I didn't have 70 fingers to hand, so didn't get around to finding out how many people could use the device at once.
    What is it about the Smart table that makes it worth &pound;3,500 more than other options?
  7. Hi all,

    I can see some great potential for this (I'm a secondary HOD, and need some great things for feeder primaries and special schools). My problem isn't the cost (sorry if that sounds arrogant) but applications. I don't want to buy one and find I've bought the new Betamax: i.e. great technology but no software to support it. Can anyone let me know of UK companies (in particular) that are producing new apps for it? I saw the table on the Smart and BLI Education stands at BETT but both were only showing the table and existing (pretty basic) apps
  8. Ver table does a similar thing for half the cost, via a short throw projector.
  9. Hey Tom,

    We've just released a new set of maths apps for the SMART Table which is available here:


    Check it out!

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