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Smart Response PE ... a few tips please.

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by MasterMaths, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. The school I'm currently working at (well, training actually, since I'm on the GTP) has recently bought two sets of the Smart Response PE systems for the Maths Department and I'm trying to build a pool of resources and hopefully deliver a little training session for the rest of the dept.
    I've downloaded some of the prepared questions from the SMART website and have got them working OK. However, we were hoping to have something more continuous.
    Unless I'm doing something very wrong, it seems you ask the question (click "Start Assessment") and then have to stop it manually ("Stop Assessment") at which point the results automatically show on the screen (as a pie chart, but can be changed to bar chart I think).
    Is it not possible to move from one question to the next without having to start and stop each individual question automatically? It would also be useful to be able to decide how often to show the correct answer(s), and perhaps to show the results as they build up.
    Also, a local school showed us a "race" game using their Qwizdom system in which teams were awarded points based on the speed of their answer (although this could be turned off, so simply getting it right was enough, irrespective of whether you were first or last), and each question was on screen for a limited period of time (again, the time could be controlled) before automatically moving on. Is anyone aware of something similar from or for SMART?

    Hope someone can help as I'm getting a little lost here!
    (PS - I know that this isn't solely a MATHS issue, but I thought I'd start here and then widen my search if needs be!)
  2. I am having the exact same problems as you. I am the Deputy Head of a primary school in Macnhester and we have recently bought a few sets of the PE units. There are some resources on the Smart website, but not many. At the minute I am just creating my
    own resources and questions but would LOVE some help on this matter too!!! Please let me know if you get any info!!!


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