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smart notebook - maths gallery

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Betamale, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I use the smart maths tools and like them.
    I got the single user thingy for about £50 (I assume thats wthe package you speak of?) but its vastly different to geogebra IME.
    Great for teaching, great for stand up sessions where you can build ideas and visually demonstrate stuff.. Geogebra on the otherhand (IMO) serves a very different prupose and is great for both kids and teachers.
    You will always find it hard to get teachers to use geogebra if they see it to be a hassle. Shame as its fantastic
  2. Yes, getting people to use new software is always difficult. I was amazed how even younger (and supposedly IT literate) staff make such a fuss whenever there is something like Geogebra to learn. We softened the blow a bit by getting SLT to allow us to use part of a training day for learning Geogrebra, and just as a special prize I got to deliver the training. I don't remember signing up to be the Geogebra expert in residence!

    Just out of interest Betamale, how do you find the pupils learning when using the SmartMaths tools? That kind of lesson is something I still struggle with, it seems like I'm having all the fun out at the front and they are just sat watching! I think less confident staff totally shy away from using those tools in class on the basis they are a bit scared of something going wrong.
  3. I dont let them use it!
    I think 'bang for buck' its not worth kids having to understand not only the new maths but the hassle of the use of a bit of ICT kit (thats on the classroom setting and I actively get them to explore outside)
    I use it to show certain graphs/angle facts and so on to enhance the visual aspect of teaching.
    I am happy to write the geogebra stuff for the staf members but its often easier to set up an app where they cant go wrong and just have a slider or tick box

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