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Small Reception Class with 2 adults

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by naomi163, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I am moving into Reception in September and just having a think about my timetable.
    I am thinking about having 2 adult led sessions (1 literacy based and 1 numeracy based) throughout the morning. Should every child have an adult led session each day? I will have the other one of us observing and contributing in child initiated learning. My afternoons will consist of topic based work, my topic is under the sea.
    Any ideas about daily routine would be great and any comments on my ideas so far.
  2. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    Are you in a private school?
  3. Nope. A small village school!
  4. I'm also in a very small school and having gone from 60+ in two form entry to a very small class its going to be very different!
  5. Hi
    It very much depends on your class size. When I was in Reception I had an introduction and then group work everyday -i worked with every child twice per week. I ensured I covered the 6 (now 7) areas dependent on what the children needed. I had a 20 planned phonics session and 10 minute reading session every day and the TA and myself would work with individual children when needed. We sometimes had whole afternoons of 'topic work' but it could be planned so you involved your literacy/numeracy element alongside the science elements. You will also work with every child in circle times and whole class teaching. You do not need to have an adult led (assessed session) with a child everyday-you'll wear yourself out and your paper work will double if your trying to assess every day. I always had a separate discrete PE lesson-as I love PE and music/RE sessions on the timetable (as these are developing areas for me so put a bit more emphasis on it!!) It is different and more flexible than Yr.1/2 as you still need a large play element. My topic always covered Language and numeracy elements also, The beauty of the Early years is you can adapt it for your class so if you find your children are extremely good with numbers you can add more to your timetable based on CLL or vice versa. Have a look at timetables on the resources and see what works for you!
    Something I loved to do was a 'Golden Time' afternoon on a Friday which was always outdoor play as a whole class and the children chose what they wanted to take out- (then my TA would begin to change over the cont provision for the week after!) then we would have relax and story time-children would lie down-no lights- on pillows and listen to auditory stories or on the ICT board or me reading them a story- but with no pictures. It just helped them chill on a Friday! Good Luck- and Under the Sea is a great topic!
  6. I love the sound of your friday afternoon quiet time! Very relaxing.
    ssgmk when were in reception you'd do a whole class intro and then work with groups? Did the rest of the class have free choice(supported by either you or your TA or reading, catch up etc) while you were with a group?
    This is how I'm used to working but I dont think this is how my new school have been doing things. They have been doing literacy and maths every day but I think this takes away from the whole play-based learning.

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