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Small group tuition

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by bramblesarah, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    Hi All,
    I have been asked to do some 'Small' group tuition at a school. I am a qualified teacher so I have taught full classes i have never tuition a small group privately. What is your maximum group sizes? How much do you charge per pupil? They have SEN. I just want to set a maximum before I agree to it otherwise I I bet the group will get bigger and bigger until I have my own class!
  2. SayItLikeItIs

    SayItLikeItIs Occasional commenter

    Hi bramblesarah, I have worked as an SEN teacher (employed by the school, so not in a position to name my price nor state a maximum size), working with 'small' groups. You do need to be really careful about your boundaries here. With my groups, I had a TA and we had between six to twelve children per group, depending on which way the wind was blowing with the Head. Although it looks as though you will be self-employed, you will under a certain amount of pressure to show progress, SEN notwithstanding.

    The children I had in my groups were a complex mix of ASD/MLD/SpLD. That made it hard to do group teaching. (Two years on, when I left, I heard that the TA and the teacher divided the children into sub-groups and taught them entirely separately.) They came from various classes, one of whom had swimming once a week and then alternate weeks they went off to the senior school to do science. It was really most unsatisfactory, and I could never have known this before taking up the post.

    The following questions arise:
    Are you going to charge per pupil, or an hourly rate? Will the school require admin/paperwork from you which will add to your duties? Is the school state or independent? At what point are you on the teachers' payscale? Would you be in a position to make your own fee increments? Would you be able to get union protection?

    I guess you've got most of this covered, and I'd love to hear that it works out. Good luck!
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  3. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    Thanks for your reply. The issue I have is I have only worked in a state school for 2 terms. So I am still technically an NQT, dispite having many years of experience as tutor and teaching in colleges, Prisons and as a supply teacher.
    I do want to go back into a state school (the school is state) just to be around other teachers and learn more. I would love to be a nurture teacher I love working with students with SEN.
    I did some short term supply a couple of years ago and got really screwed over by the cover organizer so I am going into this with my eyes wide open! The short version is I was taken on to cover one teachers role whilst she had an operation. She said she has planned the first week of stuff and would send it me....She didn't which left me trying to plan something very quickly. I said I would be happy to plan for the up coming weeks as I thought I had free periods to do this. However the cover organizer used these to get me to cover other classes outside of my subject with no work left in these free periods. It was a mess so I said to the agency I am.not going back I didn't agree to that. This time I am getting everything clear from the beginning.
  4. dafm88

    dafm88 New commenter

    I am a qualified teacher and have taught for 14 years. I finished reaching in July and I have just (in September) started being self employed as a tutor. I charge £50 an hour for maths tutoring for one student. £45 each for two. £35 each for three and £25 each for groups of four. I'm still just trying to figure out the best way of doing it but it's going ok so far. The best groups are ones that the parents have organised themselves. The groups that I've tried to get students together for haven't been so successful so far. I hope that helps a bit.

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