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SLT / VP in Singapore International Schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by jen11, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. jen11

    jen11 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to apply for a VP post in Singapore (international school). Having searched and browsed for several days, there's not much information out there.
    - what is the pay conditions?
    - how many dependant school places could be offerred?
    - will housing allowance be higher for SLT? I think the market rate seems to be $2000-2500?

    Anything else I should enquire or know about?

  2. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Pay conditions vary widely, as do places for dependents. Housing allowance will quite probably be higher than for teachers.
  3. jen11

    jen11 New commenter

    Thanks would you have a guideline? Tricky as application forms seems to require applicants to complete a 'expected salary'.
  4. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    A basic look on Search Associates will tell you that an ordinary classroom teacher can earn upto $60 000 as a starting salary, plus all the usual benefits. A member of SLT or VP will earn a lot more. In my experience they will provide you with accommodation, rather than let you find it. But that can vary from school to school.

    Is this your first application to an overseas post? You do know that Singapore is possible one of the most sort after place on earth. Each school gets 100's of applications for each position.
  5. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Any international school gets 100s of applications, but again only a handful will meet the MPR. Join *** so you can use the Forum to post your questions unmoderated!
  6. jen11

    jen11 New commenter

    Indeed, Singapore is my first choice, but I'll start looking at nearby SE Asia schools too.
  7. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Do you have an international experience?
  8. jen11

    jen11 New commenter

    No but I have 9 years teaching with 6 years middles leader and 2 years SLT experience. IB teaching experience too plus I'm bilingual in English and mandarin and familiar with education expectations in Singapore having spent several of my growing up years in SE Asia.
  9. jen11

    jen11 New commenter

    Thanks, I will do.
  10. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    The IB experience will go a long way, but i do think you may find it difficult. Im not saying its impossible, but difficult with limited international experience. Especially with the area you are considering. This is a highly competitive area, and like i said earlier, they get 100's of applications.

    Good luck though.
  11. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    You'll be competing with applicants who have 15+ years of SMT experience, internationally, and at least some of those leading schools in SE Asia. You still have a chance, and you should know what you'll face.
  12. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Jen11 just send off your CV, you stand as good a chance as anyone else and have a lot of skills many schools will find useful.

    The school can only say "Thank you for your application, on this occasion...........", or you may get an interview. But if you don't send the application, you will get NOTHING.

  13. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    The second part is very true.
    The first part "as good a chance as anyone" is never true. The OP has a much better chance than an applicant who's never had an SMT post, and a much worse chance than the candidate already at the school who's been training for the post and is already assistant to the outgoing...
  14. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    And having said that, I've seen both the inexperienced candidate get the post, and the in-house deputy not get it.
    Time will tell, but you'll never get it if you don't apply.
  15. knocker

    knocker New commenter

    Some good advice here. I've got a similar background to you and went for a few SLT posts that I'd have a good chance in the UK at getting but didn't hear very much back.

    I think without the international school history the choices are;

    1. Apply to good schools in your dream location(s) for non-SMT roles and then move up the ranks when you are out there.
    2. Apply to a less desirable school / location for an SMT role and then move on to a better school after a few years.

    I read on *** a quote from someone that said many International School departments are full of ex-HoDs who've taken the step back from middle management back to the classroom.

    That said, if you don't try you'll never know!
  16. mikemcdonald25

    mikemcdonald25 Occasional commenter

    Jen11 Don't forget the most important thing about international appointments; i.e. none of the usual rules apply!

    Having said that, Singapore is not like any other international venue! As other posters have suggested, its hugely competitive.

    But as they say in golf - never up, never in!

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