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Slow labour???

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by cherub2635, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Thanx Lilypot, Nothing happened yesterday. Oh well.
    Community midwife came out 2day and took my BP, she said it was still high 139/99. But she didn't seem concerned. She told me to see my own midwife on tue and just keep an eye on things over weekend.
    Then she said "if you are worried over weekend call hospital, say if you get a headache"
    Me - I have a mild one now
    Her - oh right, well if your vision is affected...
    Me - I have had trouble focussing today
    Her - hmmm, well your bloods were clear so see how you are on tue
    I just felt abit unsure, She also didn't look at my swelling or take notice of my nausea. Bloods were clear on tue I admit but can't help feeling abit worried.my mum and MIL are both worried. Esp as still havin the odd pain. Will see how I feel later and call hospital if we are worried.
    Gonna repost in winter babies to see if anyone can reassure me
  2. If you still have any of these symptoms call the hospital. Once you get past 6pm on Friday it's the weekend.
  3. How are you today Cherub?
  4. Hope you're ok, may well be too late- but the feeling I needed a poo were how my contractions affected me from the first strong ones... I was having many braxton hicks for 2 days before but ignored them. I didn't really expect contractions to feel like that so had to google 'what do contractions feel like?'....
    Wonder if op is having a baby?
  5. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Anyone feel sick/headachy as well? I'm up at the moment with what started as nausea and a stitch-like pain around my stomach, but now I think I'm hungry. I've had headaches and mild period-type pains at various times over the last couple of days- not at the same time- am I coming down with something else or need to eat more broccoli, or is it a sign of early labour?
  6. Dunno. How are you now?
    The good news is, you're extremely unlikely to get a bug and go into labour at the same time. Nature seems to take care of that.
    lol weebecka
  7. I am still here! Busy weekend - decorating nursery and its my birthday today so been celebrating (chiese at mum and dads, could not face going out or finding clothes to fit. In fact was mostly worried that I'd order, then go into labour and I do not like wasting food, I reasoned that if labour came I could eat my chinese in the car on the way to hospital haha)
    Am still having the occaisonal pain, aching LOTS too! Very swollen cankles and daily headaches. We pretty much finished sorting/decorating nursery yesterday, so now I can relax. I am seeing midwife tomorrow. If my BP is still high and she does not send me to hospital me and OH are going to take ourselves there.
    Thank you for msgs!
    Cherub 37+5
  8. Cherub we were worried!
    One spanking from the forum for not reassuring us sooner.
    Damnny can't find the emoticon for a spanking. You'll just have to have a [​IMG] instead. What is that thing? Haven't ever found another place to use it so you might as well have it as the booby prize today.
    lol weebecka xxx
  9. Weebecka you crack me up. Its a film reel. LOL! Sorry for the worry, I'm doing ok. Will keep you updated. Hopefully tomorrow I will know more about this naughty little baby! x
  10. You'd better or you might end up with an envelope and a moon.
    And maybe even half a green man cuddling an invisible heavily pregnant lady.

  11. Sounds like it could be soon (but don't hit me if you go overdue). I had cankles and pains shortly before birth-day. (at 38 weeks)... Be nice to beat the due date! Make sure everything is ready.
  12. Saw midwife, she seemed nicer today. My BP is down, and only a trace of protein. I told her about other symptoms - aches, pains, swelling, poor focus, headaches, nausea etc. She is coming out to see me at home on Sunday but told me to ring hospital is headache persists and worries me. Called OH and he said we'll see how you are later and just call for advice if I still feel awful.
    And thanx for the green man, enjoyed my invisible hug! x
  13. I forgot about this thread, what happened?
  14. haha moomoon! i was induced on mon 24th jan, and had my daughter Sophie on tue 25th.
    thanx xx

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