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Slow Child/ Distracted Child

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by faheemas, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    We have a brilliant child - thinks out of the box and is clever and quick in all aspects except she is very slow to complete her work... she is easily distracted and loves to scribble/ draw and daydream ... worksheets are given to all kids - they take approx 40 min to complete - in that time she has maybe done the first sentance - break buzzer goes and she is told to sit and complete her sheet first - she can then blits through it in 5 min (85-90% correct) ... how do i get her to work faster or to finish the task given - she is grade 1 and is 6yrs old
  2. Wow - 40 minutes is a huge amount of time for a Y1 child to spend filling in sheets. That aside, a visual timer could work wonders for her, it seems like she daydreams, but when she is given a prompt she can get on with it. Try something like this.

  3. Zadok1

    Zadok1 New commenter

    She just needs some motivation to complete it... maybe a reminder of when break time is... can she tell the time? Again.. I'm pretty stunned at the idea of a Y1 student being asked to work for 40 mins on a worksheet... but if the others are on task can you use a bit of peer pressure? Try asking the whole class questions like, 'Who has finished the first section?' after an appropriate length of time... and then clapping those who have etc. Praise is usually the best motivator, if this child isn't responding to praise then you need to look for the reasons why. There may be problems elsewhere which means she doesn't understand the worth of praise, but does respond to 'threat' of no play time... try talking to her, ask her what might help... can she have her own start chart for work completed on time? Are her parents supportive... they might provide some kind of reward for a day of stars.
  4. Sorry - i should have said this is MY kid - her teacher is having this problem ... this teacher does not belive in praise - she feels that at Grade 1 they should be pass the stage of needing praise or motivation to finish the work ... i did send a pack of stickers which the teacher was to give her if the work was completed in time - teacher refuses to indulge... last night we placed a timer on the desk (stop watch) and told her she had 15 min to complete the worksheet - she completed the work in 15 min .... she has learnt time - just analoge at the moment still getting her head around digital ... the principal and her previous teacher commented that she is an out of box thinker and she is far advanced for her age in terms of understanding things or grasping concepts ... so my kid is not in any way dumb or "slow" ... what can i do ... i work and home school my kids in the afternoon
  5. Zadok1

    Zadok1 New commenter

    Okay.. got the first bit cleared up... this is your own child but I'm still a bit confused as to her age. How old is she?
  6. Ishamel

    Ishamel New commenter

    For certain, I'd say.
    Might the teacher react well to a suggestion that she can read an appropriate book if she completes the work before everyone else? This way you don't instigate 'why should I have to make extra work for your freakish child' and kiddy can jump the hoops easily and enjoy an appropriate quiet task afterwards.
  7. If a child finishes a task with 95% accuracy in 5 minutes, then it is probably too easy. You say she is slow to complete her work - but she is not!!! She does it in 5 mins. She is choosing to do it at the end of the 40 min period she is given to do the task.
  8. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    It sounds like you're teaching my son as he was aged six, and ten, and sixteen. He's now at Warwick University. Don't worry about it.

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