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Sling for baby

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by katherinelily, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I would like to babywear when my child arrives.
    I cannot fathom for even a moment the long pieces of cloth - I may well build up over time but initially I need to keep things secret.
    On another forum I go on they all insist mothercare carriers and the like are the work of the devil but what I need is something with buckles or ties that's easy and comfortable for the baby.
    Where can I buy this?
  2. Flipping heck, wrote a reply and it went AWOL. Anyway, yes- go to a sling meet with a baby. There are so many different slings and brands, it is mind boggling! At least you can get a feel with the ones you would be comfortable with. There are many online shops where you can purchase slings. There is some information here about types of sling http://www.slingguide.co.uk/types-of-slings/ which may give you a clue as well. I have one of each type :)
  3. You can go to slingmeets with a bump and you'll learn lots and meet people, and a small bump best - you can't try things really with a big bump. Sure you could borrow a baby whilst you're there!
    For what you need I would look at a Boba 3G. I started with a moby wrap (and loved it, actually) but wanted greater head support to make me more hands free. It is usable from newborn (the boba 2g isn't) but also good to take you on from there. Has buckles and is very easily and widely adjustable (I am petite and slim, husband very tall and fits us both easily). Unlike the mothercare type ones, it keeps baby's legs in the optimum position with knees level with hips but is also really easy and comfy for you. I find, actually, that the ones that keep baby in this position are also more comfy to carry, as they 'hug' you more, so don't hang down in the same way. These types of carriers don't do carries with baby facing out on the front - but there is no way of doing that without their weight hanging down and putting pressure on pelvis / spine.

  4. Our sling meet has a dummy baby doll so you can try stuff anyway - you just have to bag it before it gets abducted as a dolly by one of the kids!

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