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Slimming World for TESers :-)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Hellvixen, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. I'm going back tonight after having a week away - reckon I've put on about 3lbs....fingers crossed it's not more!

    Vixen xx
  2. Well done, Vixen on this week's loss!!

    Love from Sunny Philadelphia!!
  3. What have you lost this week?

    I'm having a few "free" days as there's no weigh in on monday!!!
  4. Merry

    Sorry, am a bit stumped about suggestions for husband's lunch. It sounds like he's working in extremely basic conditions (is he teasing you?!!!) to not even have a kettle. Maybe you could buy him a mini one - think I've seen them for about a tenner somewhere.

    Slimming World - on green days you are allowed what is called "Healthy Extras" in addition to the free foods. You get 2 A and 2 B choices. The As tend to be calcium based so are dairy things (for example half a pint of ss milk is 1 Healthy A) The Bs vary depending on if you are having a green or a red day. (On a green day cheese can be an A and/or B choice) Anyway, I will try not to confuse you:

    Some examples:


    Healthy B - 85g extra lean minced beef
    113g chicken
    85g bacon
    113g halibut
    170g cod
    57g fresh mackerel or salmon
    71g sardines in tomoto sauce (tinned)

    4 Ryvita (not multi-grain)
    2 slices (medium) wholemeal bread

    12 almonds
    6 brazil nuts
    57g houmos

    Sorry, the list is massive so I thought I'd better stop there. I tend to do mainly red days as I find it easier to eat fish and meat freely with loads of veggies and then limit the starchy carbs to my healthy extras. For example, on a red day I might have a baked potato as a healthy B.

    Hope this is helpful. :eek:)

  5. Hi all, thought I'd jump in.
    I've been doing Slimming World for the last 4 weeks. Due to a holiday and my daughter's birthday (damn that cake!) I have lost 6 lbs so far. I dont have a lot to lose, only need to lose another 9.5 pounds to reach my target. Decided I needed to diet because my trousers were very tight on my thighs :(
    Am feeling quite motivated so far, but my problem is I love biscuits (even more than chocolate). Have been staving off the craving by eating jumbo snack a jacks instead.
    I would like a bit of advice - what can I eat for lunch at school? Normally I would eat sandwiches, but am looking for ideas that would fit in with the SW plan. I normally have green days, with the occasional red day. I find that salads dont fill me up, and cant face eating too much pasta at 12.30! Any ideas?
    Good luck and well done to all those who are sticking to it! :)
  6. Well done, Mandi

    Most days for work I take 4 ryvita (B choice) with 4 laughing cow cheese triangles (A choice) and slice up some tomato to put on top. It's very quick and easy and fills me up with a yogurt or fruit.

    Most of us are on slimming world or other diets at work - some people take cans of ravioli, beans or those savoury rice packets you can do in the microwave and some just take enormous lunch boxes filled with cold pasta and all sorts of salad stuff.

    Hope this has given you a few ideas- good luck.

    I find it much easier to stick to the plan when I'm at work as I can only eat what I've taken with me - it's when I'm at home in the holidays I find it harder.

  7. thanks, that has given me a few ideas.
    I was also wondering - does anyone know a recipe for lasagne that I can make on a green day? I love lasagne, and am happy to make it with Quorn mince or a variety of veg - jut wondered about the white sauce. Anybody successfully done this?
  8. Well done mandi. Some good ideas there samantom.

    Friendly face, thanks for that info - that's the sort of thing I needed and is really helpful. No, my o/h is not teasing me, sadly! He works in an office where they have a drinks machine and a vending maching full of crisps and chocolate! There is a canteen but eating there regularly wouldn't be a good idea financially and there isn't that much healthy stuff there anyway. He's looking for a new job!!!

    Am wondering whether to join my local SW, even just for a short while to get some more tips. Not really keen on the idea though.
  9. Merry - do it. Even if you just go for a few weeks. I do find the group meetings helpful - more for the tips and support from the other members to be honest, although the leader is lovely and very supportive too.

    Mandi2000 - you're doing brilliantly. A couple of ideas for your lunches. Is there anybody you could share with at all? A few of us have a bit of a lunch club where for 3 days we take it in turns to do lunch and then fend for ourselves the other days.

    I find green days harder and tend to feel hungrier on them during the day because I get stuck for ideas. But, some faves:

    Cous cous with roasted veggies (great hot or cold) I buy the sainsbury's cous cous which only takes 5 mins to do. If I'm taking to work I make it up the night before. Insted of roast veggies, you could just mix it with loads of salad and have some balsamic vinegar with it.

    Pasta salad with more veggies and beany things (sweetcorn, chick peas, kidney beans etc) than pasta.

    Home made veggies soups

    Red Days:

    Tuna and salad (add an egg?) with ryvita and cheese triangles plus fruit

    Tortilla wrap (I think a small one isn't too high in syns - 4 maybe?) with filling of choice

    Chicken and salad - have plenty of chicken to fill you up. I find the quickest way to cook it for lunch is to boil it in water with some herbs and lemon juice. It also stays really moist and tender then.

    I also try and have a few snacky but easy to eat quickly things at school for those hungry moments - some nuts (i.e. 6 brazil nuts for a healthy B on a green day), hi-fi bars (fab with a coffee on meeting nights!), bananas. I also keep Ryvita and cheese triangles there for lunches.

  10. Well I lost 1 and a half pounds after being away on holiday. I'm now half a pound away from losing a stone!

    Vixen xx
  11. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I'm not in a slimming world but I started my own get fit scheme on Tuesday and I decided to weigh myself this morning. I am so happy.. I have lost a pound already!! Certainly helps to motivate me and come Tuesday I hope I've lost even more! My excercise has involved going on the excercise bike (the first two days I did 10 mins then yesterday I managed 25)! I am also doing ten sit ups a day and have ordered a workout DVD which is apparently hard going.

    :) :) :)
  13. Brilliant HV.

    Well done Johno - fab start
  14. Hi all...wondered if anyone could offer me some advice.

    I ballooned about two years ago due to ill health...the problem with complete lack of energy is sorted now and I am feeling better. I have joined a gym and although I hate gyms, I'll use it a couple of times a week and I like to swim if I can make the effort to get there. (Do others find it a drag going to the gym/pool? I don't think I'll ever get that endorphin high!)

    Not only do I struggle to motivate myself to exercise, I have friends/family over or go out several times a week, and each time this invariably involves slurping two or more glasses of my favourite tipple...dry white wine.

    I AM eating healthily, so the white wine is my only indulgence. Do I have to exclude it in order to lose weight do you think....because I am finding it hard to shift any of the relatively newly acquired blubber. ( I hate diluting wine to make spritzers...and have always been of the opinion that a little of what you fancy keeps you on track, whereas if you deny yourself all life's pleasures the diet is doomed to failure.)

    How do others manage?
  15. Hello all SW TESers,

    I've been very motivated by lots of you on this thread and took the leap to rejoin my local SW club last night. I bought a pedometer a few days ago and find it is making me be less lazy already - 15,101 steps so far today.

    Thank you to everyone for helping me get started on a new, healthier way of life.
  16. Really pleased for you Busy Lizzie - keep us posted on your progress.

    Arched Eyebrow (as I'm typing your name I'm arching my eyebrow without even intending to! Anyway...) in short yes you can still lose weight with the odd glass of wine BUT I would say it would be the odd glass. On the SW plan a glass of dry white wine is something mad like 11 syns (extra treat allowance = syns, and the daily quota is between 10 and 15 max although you can save them up)

    2 or more glasses of wine a night(and if they're like mine, they're not small!) is quite a lot for a weight loss plan. It's not impossible but I know I can't do it - I have to restrict myself now to 2 or 3 over a weekend but that's me. I indulge in other treats! I agree with you that you have to have things you enjoy or you can't stick to a diet and ideally it should become a lifetime healthy eating plan rather than a quick fix diet. I'm trying to approach it from that point of view and know that there are going to be times when I overindulge but I intend to make them the exception.

    With the exercise, it is definitely the key. I got bored with the gym and did not go for about 3 years (hence the massive weight gain in that time). I'm doing more walking now - trying not to use the car for those little journeys, even in the p*****g rain! I've been going swimming and try to alternate between straight lengths and doing aqua aerobics. This is stopping me from getting bored. I go to the pool and set little targets for myself such as "Okay, FF, today you are doing 20 mins" so I feel better when I stay longer! When I'm there I do a little routine i.e. 10 star jumps, 10 lengths, 10 tuck jumps, 5 lengths etc. Lots of variety. (Our lengths are very short so I also run around the pool a lot and do circuits)

    Hope this gives you some ideas.

  17. Hi Friendlyface

    "Smoked salmon trimmings - 1 pack (I think 100g)
    1 tub of quark
    lemon juice

    All mixed together in the food processor. Most of it will go back in the quark tub for storing in the fridge."

    I made the smoked salmon pate you recommended for my lunch today - it was delicious. I had it thickly spread on wholewheat crackerbread (you can have 7 of these as a B choice), with thinly sliced cucumber on top - yum yum. Very filling too.

    Thanks for the recommendation.
  18. Samantom - :eek:) glad you liked the pate. I made it again the other day and this time used the very low fat cottage cheese and quark (half and half). Still yummy. I think the original recipe on the SW print out was for all vl fat cottage cheese which is good to know because quark isn't always available.

    Now I'm the one needing motivation. Why is it I can pass on tips etc but I am finding it soooooooo hard to do the right thing myself at the moment? Being pre-menstrual doesn't help but I have to stop eating. Just this afternoon (while reading a book) I had chocolate, 5 bags of crisps (yes, 5) a pack of biscuits (yes, a whole one) and left over chicken from yesterday oh and a coffee made with double cream.

    I had been feeling all positive and motivated after seeing part of a programme on GMTV about a guy who's lost something like 23 stone. Amazing.

    All support welcome.
  19. Don't worry about your mini binge today - just start again tomorrow. We all have days like this - it just proves we're human!!

    If I fancy crisps, I have Asda's Cheesy Curls (only 3 and half syns a bag). I try to avoid choc and biscuits altogether as if I have one I want the lot!!

    I haven't been very good this week, but am back at work on Thursday so hopefully will get stuck back into it - I find it so hard to diet when I'm at home all day.

    ((((((((((((( )))))))))))))))))))))

  20. Thanks. You're right!

    By the way everyone, I do seem to be hijacking this board. Please say if I need to get off it and give someone else a go!!!

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