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Slimming World for TESers :-)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Hellvixen, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. How is everyone getting on?
  2. Hi all,

    Had a week on holiday and tried to be good. We ate out every night and I really tried to be good and choose the healthier options. Having got back though, have had an indian! Oops! Back on the wagon tomorrow and weigh in on Thursday :)

    Vixen xx

  3. Good luck with your weigh in on Thursday. Mine is tomorrow. Hard to guage how I will do as haven't properly followed but have not been totally off track. Trying to be more active. I am just hoping to maintain my pre holiday weight for when I get back to work. I find it much easier when I have a set routine.

    All the threads on soup and lunch have given me some inspiration to try some new things.

    Made the Slimming World smoked salmon pate the other day. It was great.

    Smoked salmon trimmings - 1 pack (I think 100g)
    1 tub of quark
    lemon juice

    All mixed together in the food processor. Most of it will go back in the quark tub for storing in the fridge. I want to try it with dill next time. You can stubstitute Quark for vl fat cottage cheese. Also thought about using some of the FF Greek yoghurt. You don't have to use the trimmings - they're cheap which is why I thought I'd use them for my first experiment! Would use them again.

    I had it on Scan Bran crackers (am getting used to them!) and Ryvita. I also gave some to a friend and she liked it as did her partner (who is a majorly fussy eater!).
  4. Sounds like loads of people are doing well. Excellent!!! Well done!!!

    Only lost 1 more lb but better than putting it on! I've borrowed the SW 'Free Foods' book from the library and it looks really good. I'll try some of the recipes this week.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what I can get my o/h to have as packed lunches? How can I make sandwiches more healthy? He doesn't eat salad, fruit, raw vegetables, mayonnaise, etc. He's difficult!! His lunch has to be easily transportable in a pocket or small bag and easy to eat while working at a computer. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
  5. Would he take soup in a small flask? I've seen flask type contraptions that are about the size of a mug - a little bit bigger.

    Does he like houmos? It's great in sandwiches or just with stuff to dip.
  6. Hi friendly face and thank you! Great name!

    Soup is a possibility, although I think there's something psycholigical about not being full unless you've eaten something solid.

    No houmus (sp???) or dips of any kind!
  7. i've been with SW 12 weeks and I've just lost 2 stone and a few weeks back I got my Club 10 award. :)
  8. Well done, StrangeLittle Girl! Have you set a new Club 10 target? That helped me.

    I'm not doing SW, but my own healthier eating/exercise program. I've lost another 3lbs this week. 6lbs gone - about another 100 to go!
  9. Well done Strange Little Girl and SarahM1

    Losing weight is SOOO hard.

    SLG - That's fantastic in only 12 weeks. Club 10 as well - keep it off for 10 weeks and you'll get a free week! You are doing brilliantly.

    SM1 - I am envious of people like you who are so well motivated. Keep it up.

    Merry - tell me what he does actually eat and I will try and give you some ideas!!! (he sounds like my friend's partner...)

    Off to brave the horrible rain now :eek:(

  10. friendlyface - my motivation isn't that admirable.

    I saw myself on a wedding video. The wedding was two weeks ago. I honestly did a double take, and wondered why my mother was on the vid. Horrible realisation hit. I've been walking 10,000 steps a day since.

    A good friend of mine has lost a lot of weight recently. She's always been bigger than me, and she's catching me up. I can't face that. Not too friendly, is it? I hate the way that this is making me feel. I'm really pleased for her! I'm just completely envious of the fact that when I fell (spectacularly) off the diet wagon after my wedding, she stayed on it. People are stopping her and saying how good she looks, and I'm jealous.

    Both of these reasons are vain. I know this makes me a shallow person. I don't want to be ill in later life; if we decide to have children I don't want to be beset by problems purely because of my weight. But at the moment this is paling into insignificance behind the other two reasons.
  11. I lost 2 & 1/2 lbs this week, and I've been nominated for the group's 'Woman of the Year' award! Yay!!! I think it's all the swimming I've been doing. I swim a mile 3 times a week and go to Aqua aerobics with my mum every Thursday (cept it doesn't tire me out)
  12. SLG - that's brilliant. Aqua aerobics is great. It shouldn't actually tire you out. Swimming is good for cardio but because the aqua includes weightbearing activities (jumps, runs etc) it is brilliant for strengthening muscles etc without putting strain on your joints. Should help to keep osteoporosis at bay! Good luck with the woman of the year awards.

    I've been going swimming 2 or 3 times a week and tend to alternate between lengths and aqua in each session. It stops me getting bored.

    SM1 - whatever your motivation, if it works for you, it works!

    I put on half a pound this week which hasn't exactly depressed me although I was suprised. I am not as motivated though and the weather has made me miserable. Have eaten for England already today and need to STOP!!!

    I am actually looking forward to going back to work to have a proper routine!
  13. I'm not necessarily looking forward to going back to work. I've been walking for an hour and a half each day. I feel that I've been giving myself time to focus on weight loss, and so I'm doing well. When I'm back at school, I just don't want to be too tired to put my trainers on at the end of the day. Maybe I should put them on from school, and get Mr M1 to drive behind me, picking me up when I've done 10,000 steps!
  14. Or you could walk 5,000 steps one way, and then turn around and walk another 5,000 steps home! =D
  15. I have been doing just that!

    I'm beginning to think that setting off from school isn't such a bad idea, actaully. I can ring him to come and get me when I've done my steps for the day.

    We will be working at the same school, by the way...
  16. just found this thresd. Am going back to slimming world today after a years break. Not looking forward to it but hey ho, got to do something. Lost 2 1/2 stone last time so just hoping it hasn't all gone back on but it dosn't look good. New year new start I suppose!!
  17. Good luck Katey-h

    All those using pedometers - which would you recommend? I've tried a couple (including the Walker's freebie months ago) and they've been rubbish. All advice welcome. :eek:)
  18. friendly face, my o/h usually has sandwiches for lunch. Sliced ham/chicken/turkey/etc. The pre-packed stuff. He doesn't like the wafer thin. Usually mixed white/wholemeal bread (we make our own). I've discovered that he doesn't even have access to a kettle at work, never mind a microwave or anything. He might be able to get just hot water out of the drinks machine. There really aren't too many options for him.

    A general question for anyone who knows about slimming world, if anyone would be so kind as to let me know! On a green day, are you allowed certain amounts of meat? How do I know how much? I've got the 'Free Foods' recipe book and it's great. But, some of the veg dishes would be so nice with some chicken/sausage/bacon/mince! Also, some of the free original recipes would go very well with rice/pasta/jacket! Can anyone tell me how much of each I should be allowed? O/h definitely wouldn't appreciate vegetarian recipes becoming a large feature of our diet!!!
  19. Ha ha ha
    Hee hee hee
    I'm as happy as a chimpanzee!!

    Plucked up the courage to go back to Slimming World after missing the last three weeks due to holiday. I thought I'd be happy if I'd just put on a couple of pounds, as I've eaten exactly what I wanted for three weeks......

    I lost two pounds!!!!!!

    I couldn't believe it, I was so happy you'd have thought I'd won the lottery.

    It's encouraged me now to get back on track.

  20. Excellent Samantom! Keep it up!!!

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