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Slimming World for TESers :-)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Hellvixen, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. i'm just really curious..what happens at these meetings..do u HAVE to stay when you've been weighed...isnt it quite humiliating..these are all the excuses i use to not go.. :-/
  2. thanks for that ms sunshine. I've just checked it out!
  3. The weigh ins are fine. It's all done very secretely. You weigh in, they fill in your booklet, and then you can either go or stay.

    I sometimes go, I sometimes stay, depends how motivated I feel and what time I have.

    If you stay then the consultant goes round and asks everyone how their week has been and will comment on your weight change. Normally, if you've lost then she will say 'X has lost 2lbs this week, a total of 1st 1lb' etc, then everyone claps. If you've put on she just says 'a little blip this week' and then asks how your week has been, what you can do differently etc. It's not humiliating at all and your actual weight is never disclosed. So nothing to feel humiliated about. GO!

    Vixen xx
  4. I think it depends on your individual consultant. Mine used to faff about quite about, which annoyed me. I didn't stay very often after the weighing, except if I was having a difficult week.
  5. Damn it!

    Bloody sister didn't log out!

    Vixen xx
  6. I agree. It's not humiliating. Everyone is very supportive. The first time I stepped on the scales I was terrified. The woman doing the weigh in was lovely and put me at ease. She then told me that she'd lost 6 stone which was really encouraging to me. Our leader is lovely but very dippy. She is encouraging but the most useful part of the meetings is discussing ideas with other people. It's also nice to be able to share your tips when people are struggling. Definitely give it a go!
  7. just realised, i'm actually using 'fat fighters' (little britain) as my basis for what the whole experience would be like..!
  8. Ahhh, that would explain it then!!! The other scary one is the one in "Fat Friends"!
  9. you know if you join slimmers world? say you go to your nearest group on a monday evening...can you go to other groups sometimes if you cant make your usual one?
    i've been considering this actually, joining, only thing that kinda puts me off is paying 4 quid a week for someone to weigh me...
  10. You're right, Sciencequeen, it's a rip off. But it's a huge incentive too!

    I don't pay any more for classes - I stick to my regime (WW not SW) and weigh myself every Friday lunchtime. But it's not as big an incentive, as I am the only one who sees the pattern of my weight loss (though if I'm happy with it, the entire office gets to share!)
  11. Hi,

    So many people see nightmare slimming consultants on TV and think we're all like that but it's totally not true! I do the job because I love helping people lose weight and supporting and motivating them and really hope I will somehow find the time to keep it up when I do my PGCE and even as a teacher, but will have to see how it goes.

    If someone has been a member before and comes back having put all the weight back on I would never make them feel awkward- given that SW consultants have all had a weight problem and understand we know that won't help. I had never heard of Slimming World or in fact been on any kind of diet in my life as I'm a chocoholic and thought I could never lose weight without missing choc or going hungry, but a workmate dragged me along this January when I was my biggest ever and knew I had to act. I couldn't belive what a huge choice of free foods I could eat so didn't worry about going hungry, and I was encouraged to eat choc every day. I lost 2lb a week on average and by May (in 4 months) had lost just over 2 stone, down from size 16 to size 12. And it was purely the thrill of how painless and easy it had been that made me want to help others do the same so I applied to be a consultant myself.

    I know it's easy to say there's no need to go to classes, you can just follow books and great if that works for you, but a lot of people (myself included) need the support of being in a class knowing they're surrounded by other people folowing the same plan and can share recipes, ideas etc... and if you have a good week you get the praise for it and have a chance of winning slimmer of the week and getting all the fruit, or if you've had a bad week you will be made to feel better and get ideas on how to manage better. I can hand on my heart say I would never have lost weight so quickly if indeed at all if I hadn't done to class, though I can be very lacking in willpower!

    Good luck to everyone however they're trying to shift the pounds!

  12. How has everyone been getting on over the past week? I'm chuffed so HAVE to share as I lost 4 of the pounds I had put on last weigh in (after my 3 week eatathon). I'm a bit concerned as I didn't follow it particularly well for half the week (lots of entertaining friends) so don't want to get lazy this week but I do feel more motivated. Hope others are too. :)
  13. Well, I didn't go back to SW. I bought a lot of fruit and vegetables, and resolved to eat at least five portions per day, and two litres of water. I also resolved to do some exercise each day, and I've done at least 10,000 steps.

    I've lost 3 lbs.

    I'm pretty pleased!

    I've been out for dinner with friends, and even had pizza, crisps, some chocolate and some ice cream. I've just been sensible about how I've done it. I haven't pigged out (which is very unusual for me), but I've just tried to think about how other people eat. If I can lose the weight slowly and sensibly, I'll be happy. I've got to get fitter and healthier or I'll be ill.
  14. Well done SarahM1. I've just bought a whole load of nectarines from Sainsbury's for 30p (reduced from 99p) so will be joining you in a fruit fest!
  15. Thanks!

    I'm sneakily getting my hubby to eat more fruit as well. We were given a smoothie maker last week. He's quite keen on cooking up his own recipes in the kitchen, and so I bought the Innocent smoothie recipe book and left it in the kitchen. With all the fruit that's around, he's definitely getting his 5 a day too. Some of his smoothies are rather 'different' though!
  16. well i am unable to eat any raw fruit or veg for the past month due to a stomah problem that is currently under investigation so it makes it a bit difficult. breakfast is a bowl of porridge with skim milk. lunch is steamed veg (no potatoes) and dinner small lean grilled meat and more steamed veg. and i am totally unable to lose any weight and am finding it hard to maintain what i am. still i suppose 72kg and size 14 is not overly overweight.

    has anyone else had a thyroid removed and find it impossible to lose any weight?
  17. I do know that smoothies aren't the best if you're trying to lose weight, though. (Before anyone panics.) I was just concerned about his vitamin intake.
  18. That's pretty rough, MooCow.
  19. I'm lucky that my husband loves fruit and veg so there is no problem there. The big problem is his love of take aways at 1 in the morning!

    A lovely healthy smoothie recipe for you:

    some milk
    some yoghurt (I like the low fat Total Greek stuff)
    some honey
    some ground cinnamon

    All blended together. Dee-lish

    Also, a little tip if you like mangos. Not sure what area you live in but if you have access to Asian shops brilliant as you can buy boxes of mangoes really cheaply at the moment. Anyway, buy them then get them home and put them in the freezer. Leave for at least a day or so but can be left for months.

    Then defrost in a bit of cold water. They don't have to be defrosted completely before eating. You can then slice in half and eat with a spoon like a sorbet.

    Sounds like they wouldn't be good BUT they are amazing.

  20. Thanks - sounds delicious! Mr M1 loves mangoes, too. Hmmm.

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