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Slimming World for TESers :-)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Hellvixen, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. I take it no one else has my wino problem. Oh well. Sigh. Off to Spain now and will probably come back heavier. Take care ladies, and remember, we are NOT what we eat, we are what we do and how we do it.
  2. Well, had this weeks weigh in and I've lost another 2lbs! So that's 12lbs in total! 2 more for the big stone :)

    Vixen xx
  3. Well done Vixen!

    I started SW last night and am going to be good, good, good. Did it about 7 years ago and lost 4 stone but didnt make the lifestyle changes so I'm back again. Things certainly have changed. Corned beef and tinned meatballs are no longer listed as free food.
  4. I just got weighed and I have lost about 1 and a half pounds but also 1% of body fat so that is good news!! I have been following Rosemary Conley's Hip and Thigh diet book, her recipes are really delicious! Even my boyfriend enjoys them and my little boy does too so that has been really helpful as I would never stick at cooking 3 separate meals a day for everyone!
  5. HELP! Having had my 2 weeks of "holiday", a period and the final week of term which was disastrous for food I have put on about 10 lbs. I desperately need some motivation.

    Weigh in on Monday - argh! (Have thought about starving myself and amputating a limb before then ...)

    Although I made the decision to eat relatively freely (especially as not being able to cook while away really does limite choices) and have had a lot of treats I now feel guilty as I feel like I've undone all the hard work. I know I haven't if I look on this as a "blip" but NEED to get back on the plan.

    I think I thought I was in control as I had made a decision to do it but then was unable to stop. Anyone else experience that?

    Any tips and motivating stories much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  6. Re: Post 28 - Lindypops

    I can't believe you find the SW plan more restrictive than the WW points plan. On WW fruit has points (or did have when I did it) but on SW it's free. You are completely free to make up your own recipe plans and in fact is much less restrictive than WW as you have the "free" foods in addition to the extras which have "syns". Go on, give it a go!!!
  7. HV, those mug shots are lovely! I don't generally like things like that but I really enjoyed it and it kept me going until dinner time.

    What do SW say about them? Are they a healthy lunch? It would be great to take to work during the winter when I'm bored of sandwiches.

    Great thread! I've lost a total of one stone. It's taken since Sept and need to lose at least 3 more, but it's a stsrt and nothing I can't keep up. No mega diet, just trying to be more sensible.
  8. Merry - that's excellent! Well done you, a stone! Fantastic news. Do you feel better in yourself? Have you noticed a difference is your clothes yet? The mug shots are half a syn each on a green day, so nothing too them at all. That's the noodle ones. The pasta ones are about 4 syns each I think. They are nice as an alternative to sarnies, and also for keeping you going till lunch. The worst time of day for me is around 4 pm. I'm starving then, so mug shots are an excellent thing!

    Well done you, and keep going!

    Vixen xx
  9. Friendly face,

    I think the reason I get on with WW is that that's the plan I originally chose. I spent a lot of time looking through my sister's SW book, and felt like the days needed a lot more planning, thinking about basics and making sure I chose all my healthy extras too, then adding on the syns. With WW, you only have to concentrate on one thing: points. And I fill up on crudites (cherry tomstoes, carrots, cucumber etc), as they are no point foods, and I eat less sugar that way (even if it is natural sugar).
  10. HV - according to the tape measure, I've lost about 6cm in some important places, but that's all. I don't look anything like as overweight as I am, so much if the excess is hidden away inside. I must be losing more of that. My clothes don't feel any different at all. Really sad about that because I'm desperate to be able to wear jeans again! I have too big a stomach at the moment!!

    You're doing great. Keep it up!
  11. Oh dear.

    Joined SW May 2004. Lost three stone in time for my wedding in March 2005.

    Here we are in August 2005. I braved the scales this morning, but knew what I was going to find. I've put it all back on, and more besides.

    I don't know if I can face going back to SW. I have to sort myself put permanently, and find something that I can do and not feel like I'm "on a diet". I know that the consultants insist it's a Healthy Eating plan, but face it. It's a diet. And the moment I tell myself "I'm not on a diet any more", I eat junk.

    Going out for a walk to have a think about it.
  12. SarahM1,
    Did you have a good time over the last three months? Was your wedding good? Did you enjoy your honeymoon? Have you got fab wedding photos?

    If the answers are yes then who cares about the extra weight - it was obviously worth it!

    If the extra weight is making you unhappy now then do something about it now. Don't grieve over the last few months as they could be some of the best months of your life! I spent ages saying I wasn't going back to the 'diet' and put even more weight back on in the meantime. Since going back I feel more in control and better about myself.

    Congratulations on your marriage!!
  13. Oops, I can't count! It's six months isn't it? :)
  14. Sarah M1

    Don't give up on yourself. If you feel better without that weight do something now.

    I wish I had. Before meeting my husband I had started to lose weight. When we met it started creeping back on (for some reason I have never been bothered about eating on dates!). Since we got married (5 years ago) I have put on 5 stone. Have lost 2 of those extra stones now but have much further than the 3 remaining post marriage stones to go.

    I know what you mean about diets and no matter how we dress it up SW is a diet BUT you can live relatively normally on it. Take the scenic route and accept that it's going to be slower but you are going to have days or weekends or even weeks when you don't follow it.

    Did your walk clear your head? Hope so

  15. I've never been to SW because at 7pm, I find it practically impossible to get out on a school night.
    When my mother asked me if I was pregnant, and my teenage daughter defended her right to eat an entire, family-sized toffee cheesecake, saying if she ever looked like me, she'd reconsider what she ate, I have been compelled to lose weight as a matter of urgency!

    I have been researching various diets and am very much in favour of being able to eat 6 (OK,small) meals a day.
    For lunch I had three rashers of turkey 'bacon' with eggs, mushers and tomatoes, all done in the frying pan and under 300 cals!
    My hero at the moment is John Gray of Mars and Venus fame. In his Diet and Exercise book he writes:
    More expensive or higher quality brands (of chocolate) are made with pure and healthy ingredients ...Every woman needs to have a backup stash of healthy and nutritious chocolate to help her through the difficult times. Chocolate is filled with healthy properties.
    Moderate amounts of chocolate have been proven to stimulate brain balance so that serotonin and oxytocin levels go up and stress is dramatically reduced.

    Time to go out for my daily exercise, rushing out to the shops to check out the ingredients of all those healthy choccy bars!
  16. Thanks for the lovely messages!

    It's been six months since I was at my lowest pre-wedding wieght. I found my diet diaries this morning. Since then I've put on 3 1/2 stone.

    We went to Italy on honeymoon, and had a fabulous time, eating and drinking to our hearts' content! We've been out with lots of friends, and of course our preferred method of socialising is over dinner...

    Mr M1 says he loves me regardless. I don't want to test this though! I feel sluggish and uncomfortable now. I'm back in my old clothes, and I don't like that. I need to improve my diet and fitness to ensure that I'm healthy. A good friend of mine has been diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer recently, and it has made me think that I am taking my body for granted.

    The scariest thing has been one of the sites that a previous poster put the link to, earlier on in this thread. In that is a heap of very sensible advice, including the suggestion that you don't cut your calorie intake to starvation levels - merely reduce it by 500 calories a day from your current calorie intake. Of course, to do this you need to work out your current calorie intake. To maintain my current weight, I need to consume 3,750 calories a day. Evidently I HAVE been consuming this amount. It horrifies me. And so I must do something about it.

    My walk did clear my head, too! I have done 11,000 steps so far today. I'm quite tired (!), but I feel I have achieved something.
  17. dapplefan- you can join Slimming world online- so it doesn't matter about the meetings- if that suits you better?
  18. Really?
    They don't post your weekly weigh-ins online do they?
  19. When you join- you have to log in with password etc. You have your own section for charting your progress, predicted loss etc. Give you access to 'syns online' which seems to have just about everything, recipes - all the stuff you'd have at a meeting without having to go!

    I think they do a free trial as well- but I'm not sure that gives you access to the whole site.


    I looked into it as it was never convenient for me to attend meetings either!
  20. Okay so I went to my dreaded weigh in tonight and although I have put on it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Not the double figures I was thinking it might be and less than half a stone. I don't feel too despondent now and fully intend to get back to the plan properly tomorrow.


    Porridge made with water and some splenda


    5 Scan Bran crispbreads (not nearly as bad as they seem!)
    5 Laughing Cow light triangles
    Turkey bacon


    Not planned yet.

    This is what I am aiming for.

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