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Slimming World for TESers :-)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Hellvixen, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Failing to plan is planning to fail!!!!
  2. Let's share fave recipes!

    On Green, mine is a sort of chilli rissotto - fry onion, bacon (healthy extra) and mushrooms, add rissotto rice, add chilli flakes (the EPC fresh ones are really nice, and syn free too!), and then a jar of passatta and some water... leave to simmer for about 40 mins stirring from time to time as otherwise it sticks, and then just before serving stir in a healthy extra portion of grated cheese. Syn free, tastes a bit like pizza (but only a bit...) and usually gets rid of my pizza cravings!

    Any other ideas?
  3. I'm just addicted Chinese style stir fries! I could live on them (and am doing at the moment!!)

    Cut thin strips of carrots, onions, sugar snap peas, baby corn and any other veg you fancy. Add drained tin of water chestnuts (I love these).

    Fry over high heat in Wok with Frylight and soy sauce.

    Add softened Egg Noodles, cooked rice and two beaten eggs.

    Continue to cook over high heat, stirring all the time.

    This makes such a hugh wok full of stir fried veg, noodles and egg fried rice and it's all SYN FREE. It's very filling too.

    Sometimes I will add tiger king prawns (Healthy extra) for a bit of a change.

    Good luck everyone - keep going.

    I put on half a pound last week (devastated!) and can't go to class this week as I'm going away so I'll have to be extra careful when I come back.

  4. Hello. Does slimming world really work? Has any-one mamaged to maintain on the plans?

    I've tried the Rosemary Conley and Weight Watchers. Both leave me very hungry and constantly thinking of food.

  5. Hi,

    I am a Slimming World Consultant and have lost over 2st on the plan- almost all of our Consultants have lost significant amounts of weight on the plan. I personally find that since reaching target I can have a couple more healthy extras and a few more syns to maintain my weight, but then I am more active than I used to be.

    With regard to feeling bloated on the green days- yes, some people do find that. I will say that while the carb foods are all free foods it is wise to eat them along with a good variety of the other free foods as well to try to avoid the bloating, it is easy to eat lots of the pasta, rice and potatoes and few other foods on green days but your weight loss will be boosted if you eat a good selection of green free foods and be as good as losses on Original days.

    When you lose weight on any diet or plan you will only keep the weight off if you keep most of the changes you have made to your eating habits- its a simple (but sad!) fact that if we eat too much of things that aren't good for us we will gain weight. At least the Sliming World plan does promote Healthy eating for life and we encourage members to follow the same food plan once they reach their goal weight with a few more healthy extras. Once you reach your target you can go to any class for free for the rest of your life as long as you stay at your goal weight, we want you to stay there!

    Vixen thanks for posting the link to the website but please do not offer to give anyone the group password for the interactive bit to anyone who is not a paying member or target member-it is against the rules and is the reason there is a group password specially for members thanks :)

    Any questions please ask,
  6. Does anyone else have my diet problem. Apart from occasional lapses (I have eaten a frozen chocolate cake in the middle of the night. It was in the freezer to put it out of temptation's way, but I knew it was there, dammit)I eat reasonably healthily. I rarely eat bread, although I love it,for breakfast I have porridge in the winter and bananna, berries and linseeds soaked in orange juice in the summer, I have lots of salads and vegetables with lean meat or fish, omelletes or scrambled eggs etc and never eat chips or potatoes. I have given up pasta, again something I love and only very occasionally eat rice or couscous.
    But I drink wine every evening. usually half a bottle, sometimes more. I don't drink spirits or beer, and I know wine is empty calories, but I just can't face the evening without it.
    Every so often I go a couple of weeks without just to prove to myself I can, and I know it's the reason I can't get rid of the extra stone I have put on slowly over the last four years.
  7. Hi everyone
    thinking about joining SW but the online version.... is the food optomising bit as complicated as it sounds?! can anyone tell me if they think SW is better than WW? thanks!
    Sarsie 21
  8. Sarsie,

    I've done WW successfully (so far!) and my sis has had good results with SW. I prefer WW because you have total freedom to make up all menus yourself. This doesn't rely on you knowing how to eat a proper balanced diet, though - you could technically eat a daily allowance of kit kats and nothing else) and still lose weight. I find SW too restrictive: I do know how to eat a balanced diet and you can cheat more easily, by simply saving points from a few days before a meal out, for example, and it doesn't get too complicated. (This isn't cheating, actually, you are allowed to do it.) You get more freedom than SW and probably lose weight at the same rate.
  9. Totally disagree with post 28!

    Don't find SW restrictive at all! how can it be when no foods are 'banned' and there are oodles of free foods on both green and orginal days.

    food optimising isn't complicated at all btw!

    Just decide whether you prefer more protein in your meal- go red- or more carbs- go green!

    SW suggest you 'save' syns for a meal out too- it's simply a matter of what you prefer.

    Personally I can't be doing with all those points!
  10. Hi there
    Just thought i would join in your thread. Been attending SW since my last TP and have lost 1 and a half stone so far, i feel fantastic.
    I would urge anyone thinking about it to go for it. It is easy to follow and introduces a whole new way of eating.
    My advice
    GO FOR IT!!!!
    If you want any advice or someone to chat to mail me on allisonrosser@aol.com
  11. Hello!

    I'd love to get in touch with you if that's ok? Am in need of some motivation!

    Vixen xx
  12. kellen

    kellen New commenter

    Thought i'd add my twopenny worth!
    I hate dieting.. I think that changing your attitude to food is the only way to actually maintain weight loss - easier said than done!!
    I love the SW attitude to food. Many years ago a friend photocopied some of the green recipes for me to try and they have been a permanent fixture in my diet ever since - watching what i eat or not! Last year SW changed their syn sistem for the sole purpose of encouraging people to eat fresh foods rather than syn fee tinned stuff. They also actively encourage exercise - even just a walk down the street and back.

    No i don't work for then - i just really admire their approach and love to include their recipes into my diet.

    Here's one that i love (I'm veggie...)
    This makes enough for one

    Brown basmati rice (white if you can't stick brown)
    half a chopped red and yellow pepper
    1 pot of mustard and cress
    half a chopped apple
    1 0z half fat cheese (or half if feeling virtuous - rarely!)
    1 - 2 tbs vinagrette dressing (I use Waistline fat free which is totally gorgeous)
    Mix everything in with the rice. It is supposed to be served cold but i like the cheese to melt in so i nix it up in the rice pot on a low heat for a few minutes.

    I like this with home made potato wedges covered in cajun spice.

    Go on - try it - i know you want to!!

    PS Thanks for the recipes above - have copied them down but changed the bacon for a quorn sausage.
  13. I was looking at a SW cookbook the other day and do find many of the recipes include some bizarre things. I'm not the most adventorous eater and my o/h is even worse which makes it very difficult. I definitely can't cope with 2 separate meals.

    I could really so with some simple, healthy recipes based on chicken/bacon/mince using fairly ordinary veg & other ingredients. Anything the can go with pasta or a baked potato would be great. Any suggestions?
  14. I did SW a while back and lost 2 stone. Unfortunately as someone said, if you eat unhealthily again it all goes back on... I am That Proof. really ought to go back on it, but am moving to France shortly so will put it off for a bit.

    I didn't find SW recipes too difficult or odd. There were some perculiar things in some of the books, but mostly, let's be frank,you can adopt your own recipes to fit the plan - shepherds pie with mash made from swede, or butternut squash for example, rather than potato.
    Spaghetti bolognese made with Quorn mince (my husband could always know hen it was Quorn but I couldn't)
    Red pepper sauce - roasted red peppers,skins removed, chopped with a tin of tomatoes, chilli, dry fried (or fried using the spray oil) onions added makes a great sauce for pasta, fish or meat.
    Spaghetti carbonara - fried bacon (healthy extra) beaten eggs, low fat creme fraiche (or if you're being even gooder, fromage frais) and loads of parsley. And spaghetti, of course.
    Sausage casserole with Quorn sausages (which I think are fine as long as you don't expect them to taste like real sausages.)
    Butternut squash and chilli risotto - out of this world! Love it. Basically dry fry (or spray fry) your butternut squash and an onion. Add risotto rice, & stock, cook as a risotto, add chilli flakes half way through cooking. Season. Add parmesan or not, to taste.
    Lamb koftas - minced lamb, mixed with spices (chilli, cumin, turmeric, coriander) & a beaten egg. Made into little sausages, rolled in breadcrumbs (bought, not made) and then baked for 20 mins. There are some syns in, because of the breadcrumbs, but not many. Serve with cucumber in low fat yoghurt & a bit of spicy cous cous.
    I loved loads of vegetables - courgettes, aubergines, onions, mushrooms, squash, garlic etc - roasted with spray oil, for 15 mins.Add tomatoes to the roasting tray and roast for a further 15 mins. Tip into a bowl, breaking up the tomatoes as you go. Tip in cooked pasta. Mix together. Top with a bit of grated cheese. Yummy.

    Will these do as straightforward recipes?

  15. Forgot to say - finely chopped onion goes with the lamb mince for the koftas.
  16. They're helpful BooBoo, thank you.
  17. Hello,
    I've lost 2 stone in the last 2 years basically without any special scheme. My advice would be to make reasonable rules for yourself and stick to them for ex:
    not more than 3 choccie bars a week
    not more than 4 slices of bread a day..depending on vice
    Always choose low fat option!
    Exercise at least 3 times a week..i go for a 1 hour brisk walk at least 3 times, and anymore is a bonus which makes me feel great!
    Oh and salad for lunch meand then dinner isnt such a big deal if you have chips..once or twice a week.
    Just stick to some basic rules and hopefully you'll have sucess!
    Good luck, its worth it in the end if lost slowly and sensibly.
  18. kellen

    kellen New commenter

    Oh dear - tried a Mug Shot as mentioned on this thread.
    Too tasty and very filling.
  19. wow, so many SW people on here! I've lost nearly 4 stone but I've taken the windy route - I've been a member for 2 years. Lost a lot very quickly, then have been up or down a couple of pounds for a long time. Target in sight now and my consultant wants to enter me for woman of the year. I'm tempted by the £5,000 prize! I'm a veggie so it's green days all the way for me.

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