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Slimming World for TESers :-)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Hellvixen, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Firstly, well done on all your weight losses this week, thats brilliant, you all should be very proud. As for me..hmmmm, just got back from a few days away with OH...eat and drank whatever I felt like, stayed in a plush hotel and made sure I got my money's worth of food..lol
    So, skipped tonight weigh in, (surprise surprise), will weigh my self tomorrow and start afresh.. (just about to face reddundanciies tomorrow and felt i needed the break before hand) [​IMG]
  2. Congratulations to everyone who lost weight! I need to weigh myself tomorrow morning. I'm not expecting to have lost anything!

    Daffodilval - sometimes we just need to escape. Nothing wrong with that. Good luck for this week :)
  3. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    Forget dietary fads, just eat sensibly ensuring you have a good breakfast high in protein and low GI carbs, then eat every 3 hours; moderate protein, low carbs and low fat. Dont be fat phobic though, get plenty from fish and plant derived omega 3, nuts,seeds....This is a typical day's food intake for me:
    6:30 3 eggs, scrambled on 2 wholemeal toast+flora pro active spread
    10:00 nutrigrain bar + 2 yogurts (shape low fat are high in fibre, protein and negligible fat)
    12:00 salmon+basmati rice, blueberries
    15:00 whey protein drink, seeded flapjack+strawberries
    18:00 chunky steak(MandS)+ broccoli
    22:00 casein drink (slow release protein which coagulates in stomach, keeps you full all night.
    This equates to approx 2000 cals, a deficit of 500 cals which will give me at least 1lb of fat loss a week(for a 29 year old male). Add some gym sessions and burn even more.
    Keep protein levels topped up to prevent catabolism and keep the metabolism firing (protein assimilation requires more energy per gram than fats or carbs) and keeps you satiated.
    The main thing is consistency and dedication. Eat low calorie, nutrient dense food similar to the ones above and the fat will melt away. Forget the dietary cons

  4. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    Hi daffodilval, glad you had a good time away, why the redundancies? Are you affected?
  5. impis

    impis New commenter

    How come there's now 2 of these threads?? One with the proper name, and the other with 'Re' in front of it.
  6. Not just me, then? I have been going back and forth, trying to remember which one I was looking at, trying to find spot the difference.
  7. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    It appears the TES slimmers have doubled in weight. You should all be disgusted with yourselves.
  8. impis

    impis New commenter

    If you post on one, it appears on both.

    Very strange!
  9. Threads keep getting doubled.
    Going back to an earlier comment about EE not working for people. Well, EE is the only thing I do now and I am still losing weight. I would probably lose even more if I didn't have takeaway once or twice a week!
  10. impis

    impis New commenter

    I do EE too and its working very well.
    There are now 3 [at least] threads with this title.
    If we keep going, pretty soon we'll completely dominate the front page on Personal. LOL - that will make alot of people grumpy!
  11. Hi I have reported this. Very strange.
  12. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    If only your post count went up by 3 each time!

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