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Slimming World for TESers :-)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Hellvixen, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    Thanks JRT, I'll try the water next time.
    I agree 4 1/2 stone is pretty amazing!
    How are you doing? Have you been on it for long?
    So far today I've had, bannana and mullerlight yoghurt for breakfast. A wholemeal sandwich with ham and salad for lunch and a packet of WW cheese puffs which according to the syn calculator are 3 1/2 syns. Not bad as I thought they were very tasty. For tea I am going to cook Thai Green Curry, recipe found on the website, with rice and pineapple to follow.
  2. JoJo, that meal sounds amazing..you are doing brilliantly so far, no easy feat if you are not going to a SW club, well done and keep up the good work.
    Tip: get a lace or something simular and at the end of each successful day, tie a knot in it.
    After 3 knots, you are nealy half way through the we,
    4 knots, over half way there.
    5 knots and only 2 to go.
    6 and the 7th is in sight.
    7 and WOW, you have done a whole week at 100% on plan and 100% certain to have lost weight.
    Daft I know, but it works for me, I cant't hardly wait til 11pm when i tie yet another knot...lol
    (kinesthetic and all that)
  3. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    Hi daffodilval, thanks for the encouragement, I might give your idea a go. The curry was lovely.
    What I find hard is term time, less time to cook, I'm trying to go to the gym a couple of times a week also. Then there's the 2 kids also. Have you any tips for easy/convenience foods for term time? Also what do you take to work for lunch?
    This 1/2 term is a hard one as I'm year 2 and have sats to administer and mark, also report writing, so I'm really going to have to work at it all.
  4. I cook massive batches of stuff on a sunday and freeze it for the week. Or we stick to easy stuff like spag bol, kofte curry and creamy mushroom pasta. All stuff that can be done in 25 minutes.
  5. Hi JoJo
    Use your work stratergy. ITS ALL IN THE PLANNING.
    I have always planned my meals for the week, the weekend before...
    I plan and keep my weekly menus on the fridge, then, buy ONLY whats on my list, usually on-line, and nip to the market for my fresh stuff, meat, fruit veg etc.. on Saturday. (its cheaper and fresher)
    As you will have all the ingredients in, your evening meal won't take long and the thought proccess of 'what do I cook for tea'? has been taken care of (plus you are very unlikely to go off plan)
    For work, I always take in 'leftovers' from the night before and bung in the staffroom microwave..Job done
    I know whats it like, as I did Y2 for years, no easy task..but like I said, half an hour planning at the weekend works wonders, and saves hours, and money.
    If you don't like the idea of leftovers, pre-cook a baked potato, add tuna and salad, or make a batch of soup, I love carrot and corriander, cheap, filling, fresh and syn free. And i always have a stack of mullerlights and fresh fruit in
    Hope this helps x
  6. Flipflop is right too, they are all, quick ideas she has and honestly, they only take the same time as warming, syn loaded, convience food up..you'll soon get the hang of it x
  7. We've got making syn free chips down to a fine art as well!
  8. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    Hi thanks pff and daffodilval, all great ideas.
    PFF I know how to make sw spag bol, but you mentioned 2 other things. Are the recipes on the website?
    With your syn free chips do you parboil first or is that not necessary?
    During the week oh is away working so there is only me holding the fort. Then he comes home with bags of washing!
    On the up side I've just finished writing RE statements for all 30 pupils :)
  9. Yes, both are on the website. The creamy mushroom pasta however is an adaptation of turkey and creamy mushrooms that has evolved the more I cook it!
    For chips I just get roosters parboil for 10 minutes, cut into chips then bung them on a tray for about 40 minutes (fry light as well). I gave up on peeling the potatoes a long time ago!
  10. I don't bother peeling the spuds either, once you have par boiled, and dried them, you can bag them up and keep them in the fridge for upto a couple of days, they are also lovely with different seasoning on them too (before baking).
  11. impis

    impis New commenter

    I've been to club today, first time since returning from my one week's holiday - and I've LOST 1/2 a lb! Yeahhh - not only have i NOT put on weight over a holiday for the first time, but also, this is the 2nd school 'holiday' that i've not gained!
    I am delighted.

    Only another [mutter mutter mutter] lbs to go! [​IMG]
  12. Thats fantastic Impis, they reckon its normal to gain upto 7lbs whilst on holiday..no wonder you are delighted and rightly so !
  13. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    That's really good impis well done, keeping up the momentum is what is really hard, sounds like you having been doing it for quite a while, have you lost much? I love hearing of others success it spurs me on.
    Well I've been to aunts 25th wedding anniversary do this afternoon. I haven't drunk, didn't eat either, ate some lunch before and managed to resist the calorie laden buffet. I have a jacket potato cooking now.
    Friends are coming round later, is it right that a glass of white wine is a whooping 6 syns?
    BTW thanks for the advice on home chips.
  14. Yes, a small glass will set you back 6 syns. And it has to be a genuine small! Never realised how small that actually was.
  15. Hey, get you Flipplop! so disciplined...you did all the right things, eating before you went etc
    175 mls of wine is 6 syns, red or white.
    But if you like 'shorts', whisky,gin, bacardi etc, its only 2.5 syns (25ml), mixed with a low cal coke, lemon, ice etc, it makes a long, low syn drink.

    (only wish it was the same for Bailies)
  16. It was actually jojo...
  17. impis

    impis New commenter

    23 lbs and counting. Loads to go, yet.
  18. Sorry for the confusion. [​IMG]
  19. That's ok! My day hasn#t been as interesting as JoJos. have just stayed in doing housework.
  20. Wow, Impis 23lbs? just imagine that in potatoes or even a toddler!
    (my daughter was only 14llbs at one year old!)

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