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Slimming World for TESers :-)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Hellvixen, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Hello!

    Since I've noticed there's a few of us on here that frequent SW I thought I'd start our very own thread.

    I've been with SW for 4 weeks now and have lost 10lbs. Gone from 16st 8lbs to 15st 12lbs. I'll be honest and say I've not really been following the plan, but it's still working for me.

    I am addicted to chocolate, cake, biscuits and anything that is 'bad' for you. The best thing about SW is you can still have these things, just in sensible proportions.

    It's not easy and you do need some will power, but the end goal is so worth it. The feeling of getting on the scales and realising you've lost a couple of lbs is better than the quick rush feeling you get eating cake!

    So, check out www.slimmingworld.com and see if it's for you.

    ALso check out their interactive bit:

    You need a group password for this, which I'm willing to give out via email vixensslimmingworld@blueyonder.co.uk

    Vixen xx
  2. A few tips:

    Muller lite yoghurts are free with SW, but only the normal flavoured ones. The apple pie, lemon cheesecake types aren't free, so be carful!

    Mug Shots - like pot noodles but without the pot! The noodle ones are half a syn on Green days, fantastic for snacking on. The pasta ones aren't so good though.

    FAB lollies - are my life savers, they beat those sweet cravings, yet are really low in syns.

    On the Life Online website there is a syn calculator, really useful.

    Vixen xx
  3. Well done! you've done fantastically so far x
  4. Well done Cubletta
    you are doing great. I am envious as I really REALLY must do summat before I need wheels on each corner.
    Doc nags me every time I go for any ailment- even ear ache.
    And youngest Taster wants me to be less too- poor boy is worried about his Big Momma.
    Teen Taster ( who like his Dad could stand sideways and be a zip)calls me Mumbo Jumbo.
    Did Weight Watchers and lost 42 pounds then piled 'em all back on.
    Lost the will to do it after that.
    Tried exercise and did my Achilles tendon.
    Am going to try a walk /waddle every day
    and a food diary.
    Should I/could I post my food diary on here?
    Might shame me into eating less if I thought thousands were sneering at my greed!
    Worth a thought anyhoo.
    Well done again for ten pounds lost- amazing!
  5. fishandchips

    fishandchips New commenter

    Can I join? And do I have to tell everyone my weight? I don't need to lose much, just a couple of pounds but I'd like to be a bit healthier and it looks good. :)
  6. Taster,

    I think a food diary would be a great idea, if people are up for it and honest about what they are eating.

    In the big, East Anglian insurance company where I work, there is a lifestyle page on the intranet and once a month someone submits two days' worth of food diary to be assessed by a nutritionist. Usually it's along the lines of brown rice, pumpkin seeds, tofu and 60 pints of water, but this month's was more like Rodeo Burgers for breakfast and lunch and lager for dinner!

    I would be willing to put mine up, all comments welcome about what I could do to improve it.
  7. OK here's me:
    breakfast was Mornflake pecan crunch with added pumpkin seeds, chopped apricots, chopped brazils and hemp seeds.
    Lunch was ham and tomato sandwich with organic whole meal bread.
    I am now cooking sausages and couscous with added tomatoes and mushrooms.
    In between I have a brazil or a walnut.
    I am going to have a glass of organic apple juice in a minute.
    Naughty things: a handful of handmade lovely crisps from Deli shared with my boys.
    And a sesame bar.
    That's it so far.
    I have no biscuits in the house luckily.
  8. Well, have been for my 5th weigh in and I've stayed the same, which I'm pleased about as I haven't been following the plan this week!

    Taster, sounds like a scrummy days eating!

    Vixen xx
  9. Thanks for the login, Vixen - the recipes look good, I've copied them into my recipe folder, am going to try the tortilla baskets, they sound good.

    Yesterday's food diary:

    2 crumpets with marmite
    A home-made, skimmed-milk latte
    an orange

    A (small!) piece of Greek pastry (from a colleague's holiday)

    Lunch and afternoon snacks:
    home-made tomato and chilli soup
    a small handful of unsalted peanuts
    an apple
    a small banana
    a piece of cucumber

    straight-to-wok noodles
    stir-fried chicken and veg
    a spring roll (naughty!)

    I agree Taster, it's easier not to eat things when they're not there - though I have been known to drive 15 mins each way to get something I really want - my biggest weakness is maple and pecan pastries!

    I'm weighing myself at lunchtime, got my fingers crossed.
  10. Just discovered this slimming world thread - I'm doing SW and have lost half a stone so far (only my fourth week).

    I was devastated this week cos I put on half a pound!! Half a pound - it's nothing really is it? But I was just so disappointed not to lose.

    How is everyone else doing?

    It'd be nice to have some support, especially at those times when you just neeeed chocolate!
  11. hi vixen

    have just had a very fraught visit to the supermarket- pouring with rain, whole town there, nowhere to park..oh and I forgot my purse!!!

    but apart from that- couldn't find those 'mug shots' you mentioned- can you give me a bit more of a clue?

  12. Great to find this thread but sadly only lost a 'net' of 4lbs in 4 months with SW last year and just done similarly at my umpteenth attempt at WW....I know they all work but I just have some bad habits....like walking in the staffroom and eating LOTS of cakes etc as it's nearly always a birthday...also once my son is in bed (by 7pm) I have this NEED to eat choc or whatever I can lay my hands on. On a Sat. as soon as I have dropped him off at his Dad's I go straight to the bakers and stock up....I think the only way forward is hypno therapy...has anyone tried it? Expensive I know but if I add up all those weekly fees at SW, WW, RC etc etc...
  13. Hi all,

    Did slimming world about 3 years ago - lost 5 and a half stone in a year and a half, but then met and moved in with man, and piled it all back on again! I've been doing it on and off for the last year without going to the meetings - lost about 3 stone... Mostly green days for me, love the pasta and stuff, but chocolate is my big problem!

    Miss A
  14. Well done to everyone losing on the SW plan.

    I posted on another thread a while ago. I joined in March and have lost 2 stone 1lb to date but have a LONG way to go. Have been away on hols for the past week but haven't followed it at all for the last 2 (end of term is impossible!) and won't be sticking to it 100% this week either AND am also pre menstrual so know I have put on.

    The difference to my mental state now is that I'm not going to beat myself up about it. It's a long term plan and I have made the choice to eat relatively freely. In the past it has been more of a compulsion.

    Please keep this thread going so I can swap some recipe ideas when I get back next week.

    Good luck everyone

  15. OMG! I am SO unhealthy! I am trying to cut down on the amount I eat but I just end up cutting the healthy stuff out.

    Stuff I ate/drank today...

    cup of tea
    3 pieces of nutty wholemeal toast with honey (desperate attempt to start the day properly)
    Caramel frappacino with extra whipped cream and chocolate bits
    raspberry muffin
    packet of crisps

    That's it.
  16. Ms_sunshine - The mug shots are normally with the soups. A bit random I know! They sell them in Asda and Tesco, but I'm not sure about Sainsburys :)

    Well I've not been following the plan again this week. Very naughty, but I've just not felt like doing it. Doesn't mean I've gone mad though, far from it! Today I've had:

    1 cup of tea
    2 slices of toast with marmalade
    2 bourbon biscuits

    That's it! Not very good. Must try harder tomorrow.

    The key is to plan ahead what you are going to eat, then you're not met with the worry of 'what am I going to eat - I'll have a biscuit!' I love the green days too, would mostly be green for me, love pasta and potato!

    Am cooking shepherds pie tonight. One thing about SW is I now eat much more in the way of fruit and veg. Am eating a clemantine as I type!

    Keep going people :eek:) I want to be slimmer for xmas!

    Vixen xx
  17. Hello all current and ex SW ers.

    Having got to the point of only being able to wear 2 items of clothing, I decided to dig out the slimming world diet book from several years ago and have managed to stick to it since Saturday (3 whole days!) however am feeling very bloated. I've been doing green days so far. Does anyone else have this feeling? Does it last. Although not a veggie, I think I'd get hungry on red days. Can anyone advise?
  18. Hi all

    I lost 1 1/2 stone last year following SW online (and I kept it off until v. recently - damn that holiday to Spain!)

    Trying to get myself in gear in the holiday to lose weight again - just wanted to say that now you don't have to have just green or red days - they have mix3max (sp?) where you can have both green and red meals in the same day as long as you count the healthy extras and make sure that all snacks are counted for their highest Syn points value (e.g if the snack is 3 on green and 7 on red you count 7).

    Have to say, though, that I do find this a bit hard to manage in my head so tend to still stick to red or green days!

    My best recipe tip so far is a lovely filling for baked potatoes. Grate your cheese allowance and mix with chopped spring onion and chopped radishes into virtually fat free creme fraiche or yoghurt. Just like a potato topper but not at all naughty! You could probably put in prawns or tuna instead as long as you counted them as healthy extras.

    Anyway best of luck to all and well done to all who have lost weight so far :)

    *ramble over*

  19. mix2max even - laptop not good for correct typing!

  20. I have found that I do best on "red" days. When following the plan I might have 1 green day a week. Usually if I'm feeling really hungry then I have baked potato, baked beans, Heinz tinned spaghetti (addicted at the moment) and my fruit and veg. Mostly I feel better on the red days and have more energy and better weight losses.

    A friend of mine recommended porridge for breakfast (Healthy B choice). Was doing that every day for 2 or 3 weeks and loved it. (Then the end of term build up happened ...) I used to mix it with water and a couple of tsp of Splenda the night before and leave it in the fridge and then blast it in the microwave in the morning for a couple of minutes. Mixed with some fresh berries or a banana it really did keep me going until lunch time.

    At work I found lunches fairly easy as a few of us take it in turns to do it so I am dreading the freedom of the holiday. I must get myself into a proper routine and that includes actually trying to get up at a sensible time as well and go and get some exercise.

    Having tried pretty much everything going diet wise (Weight Watchers, Atkins, read "You are What you eat" (does that count?!), cabbage soup, diet pills, fruit only...) following this plan has had the best results and been the easiest to live with.

    Evangelical preaching over (can't help it. sorry) It's actually 2 stone and 3lbs I had lost and I intend to lose much more. Miss Alpine, you've done brilliantly - I don't think I could do it without going to the classes.

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