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Slime recipe. Anyone?

Discussion in 'Science' started by found nemo, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for slime made with PVA glue and borax? I've made it before but the technician provided me with the right borax concentration and volumes and I've lost the details! Tried with 5% borax today (10ml + 40ml PVA glue) but it was too sticky. Any help gratefully received.
  2. http://www.practicalchemistry.org/experiments/pva-polymer-slime%2C153%2CEX.html

  3. Thanks, but it's where I began several hours ago! I have PVA glue, not PVA. Perhaps I need to water the glue down?
  4. If it's cheap liquid PVA glue I usually go for a roughly 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 dilution with tap water. Play around with the PVA borax ratio... more borax leads to a more brittle/crumbly but less sticky solid.
    I usually transfer the slime to a plastic bag and kneed it for a couple of minutes. This ensures that cross-linking occurs throughout the mix and it tends to be far less sticky. However, you will still need to be careful that it doesn't come into contact with anything that cannot be easily washed/wiped down!

  5. http://archive.planet-science.com/experiment/text_expts/custard_balls.html
    When I use PVA glue I use the recipe above. They love that they're bouncy custard balls! Don't add too much custard, they go too brittle. I add the custard to the pva glue, then add some borax solution. if too sticky then add some more. I reccommend using disposable cups for mixing in and wooden stirrers for mixing as all disposable.
  6. We have been told to stop using borax due to new CLEAPPS regulations - a real pain as many of my science club stuff uses borax. Am struggling to find a decent alternative - any ideas?

  7. have you got copy of the actually bulletin CLEAPPS released? They didn't say stop using it, theygave a concentration that it shouldn't be used above as itis now classed as a teratogen, so as long as you are using it below that concentration then you will be fine to still use it. 'I'll try and find out the concentration they say.
  8. I couldn't link to the actual bulletin, but this site has the info still.
  9. Please be aware that CLEAPPS clearly state that students are NOT allowed to take the slime/flubber home with them.
  10. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    Ooops didnt know that. Tbh tho i think most of it ended up on the floor in the playground and so not much made its way home.
  11. Through trial and error, I used 40ml PVA glue and about 8ml 8% borax solution (adding a few drops if needed after kneading). It's worth noting (as mentioned in previous posts), that borax has been reclassified from 'low hazard' to 'toxic: class 2 teratogen'! Solutions less than 8.5% are OK to use with classes but using the solid is a no no (I called CLEAPSS to check). Technicians preparing a solution should make it up in a non-working fume cupboard to avoid inhaling any dust from the solid. Pupils definitely cannot take slime home. Time to update the Hazards!

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