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Sleeping over..

Discussion in 'Personal' started by regencyrob, May 31, 2011.

  1. Do you get up, shower, sit in the lounge or do you wait until you hear your hosts making a noise before getting up when staying at a friends house?
  2. Do you get up, shower, sit in the lounge or do you wait until you hear your hosts making a noise before getting up when staying at a friends house?
  3. Depends on which friend it is. Most friends' houses I take a good book and wait to hear signs of movement. But I have one friend that I used to share a house with (that's how we met) and at hers I just get up, shower, make coffee, do washing up etc and she does the same at mine.
    As a host who likes her sleep I'd much rather guests get up, shower, make a drink etc.
  4. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Depends on how big their house is. If i can get up and move around without waking anyone up, then I will. If not, probs just stay in bed and read or something
  5. I generally wait until I hear them making a noise - as I know that if I hear my guests moving around (and I do, because he bedrooms are side by side) I feel compelled to get up!
  6. No book so on TES
  7. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Wait until I hear my hosts up and about. If its after a night out I can sometimes be up and about a good 5 hours before anyone else so book or internet to keep me occupied x
  8. If they're still in bed at 9.07 I'd definitely give up on waiting and get up :)
  9. It was a big night! Might not be up for hours! Added complication there are a couple in an airbed in the lounge!!
  10. Ah, that's an added complication! Because if I'm hosting and there is somebody sleeping in the living room I also try and wait until I hear them stirring because you have to go through the living room to get to the kitchen and coffee.
    How well do you know the hosts? If you've been friends for years then I'm sure they wouldn't mind you getting up, showering etc. Just be really quiet!
  11. Not a good idea to sit in the lounge, then!
  12. Mmmmm... that's a sticky one then: in our house if it is necessary for someone to sleep in the lounge we give up our own room and sleep in the lounge ourselves - it makes things simpler in our experience as we then get up the minute the guests start stirring.
    Of course it depends on the layout of the house, but here the kitchen and bathroom can only be reached via the lounge....
  13. It is half term here
  14. Yes I know. Was just wondering if your friends from last night were all teachers too and on half term....
  15. Oh yeah most of us were others just had days off as it was day after bank holiday etc
    Was cool night!
    So did any of you get up to anything 'exciting'
  16. Sounds good rob, especially the full English afterwards!
    I met a friend for lunch during the day and then had a date in the evening...
  17. Have I got this wrong? Isn't a sleep over something for kids? Otherwise, as adults you are a guest, and therefore adult guest rules apply????
  18. So what are these 'adult guest rules' then?
  19. Just what I was wondering.

    Also - do your friends run a hotel? You mention the lounge...
  20. Sea pink. you are moo. That really made me laugh.

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