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sleep or lack of!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by starcommand, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Anyone got any sleeping tips? LO is suddenly refusing day time naps just gets really tired. Has also started waking in the night again. Is it this 4 month sleep regression I keep hearing about?
  2. I swaddled all of mine during the day to nap, as well as over night, until they were about 5 months or so. They were just warmer and more snuggly that way! I think being rocked to sleep and then put into a cold bed would always wake them up and so being wrapped in a blanket, rocked and then put down meant they weren't as disturbed. Often put a hot water bottle in the basket/cot beforehand as well, so would quickly exchange bottle for baby, so it was still all warm and cosy. That's not to say they didn't wake up, they did! But they settled quicker and for longer this way. Not sure if that'll help anyone else though!
  3. The Baby Whisperer's books (AKA Tracey Hogg) were really useful to me. LO has never been a big fan of sleep, but got him having regular naps in his cot using her techniques. Rocking and taking out for walks, etc. is good in the short term when they're tiny, but babies need to eventually learn how to send themselves off to sleep.
  4. is it worth offering a dummy?

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