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Sleep help required - any suggestions before I check myself into the priory ?!?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by singing readhead, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Hello lovely ladies. So if you don't know me - v. Poorly in preg/birth/afterwards. Am on the mend now. Lo almost 11 months and has always been a very easy baby. BUT. ........... Recently her sleep has been awful. I am dealing with it really badly and getting upset and angry I'm a bit ashamed to say. It's a shock as lo has always just got tired, then gone to sleep. She has had a bad cold and cough and the pillows it raising up the mattress didn't seem to help. She did sleep in our maclaren techno xlr one night propped up, then wouldn't do it again. We gave up and put lo in our bed and sleeping really improved- but we don't like doing it and neither of us sleep properly. Last night at our friends she wouldn't get in the travel cot and cried like someone was torturing a newborn. She's done the same at home tonight:-(. Oh loves her v much but isn't very helpful. However tonight I ashamedly slammed my dinner down shouting and he is now soothing her upstairs- update - she has now gone to sleep in the cot. She's desperate to walk, and panicking when I go out of sight. I am so grateful to be here and to have a healthy lo I really don't get why this is dragging me down so much. Am going back to work on Wed- looking forward to my 3 mornings a week- but would like to turn up fairly emotionally stable. Anyway thanks for reading. Any advice other than put all this in perspective and get a grip(which I keep telling myself). Ps. I do not feel like I am going to harm my lo by the way !!!
  2. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    Aw- SR big hugs! Of course you're emotional- you've had bad sleep! I'm pretty certain I coped better when LO woke every 2 hours than this week after months of sleeping through I've had a poorly awake one! He wouldn't sleep in a travel cot last night either- I think they are a bit hard. I'm sure once LO is feeling better/back in her routine and home comforts she'll reset herself. I expect you're pi55ed off as you had it all sorted then a few days before you go back to work it becomes untangled! You'll be fine x
  3. a few drops of olbas oil on a muslin in his cot really helps LO sleep when he's snotty. i have also put my breast-feeding V-pillow under his cot bed mattress to prop him up. he also gets dosed with medicine as he goes to bed to deal with any pain he starts to feel during the night.
  4. Our sleep went haywire (more so than usual) around 11 months too but seems to be settling down again 6 weeks later (we've never had more than 4-5 hour stretches, usually 3-5 wake-ups a night) - we had 2 wake ups last night, but changed nothing. Can you bear to try a few early nights to catch up and see if you can ride it out? It's painful but it does pass!
  5. Thanks guys - hope your little H gets better soon PM. Bunique - how are you functioning?!
  6. Ha, it's just how she's been since about 4 months, and she's so happy and content during the day, it just seems to be the way she is. She'll sleep through eventually [​IMG] or get old enough to read a book until she falls asleep again ;)
  7. Be kind to yourself, we are all human and slamming your dinner down isn't that bad in the scheme of things. The cold plus travel cot last night (they can be funny in different places) has just unsettled her.
    It will all settle down again.

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