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Slash of the Titans by Jacob Junior aged 8 ¾

Discussion in 'Personal' started by jacob, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    This wuz a film about a bloak calld Persewerus wot we watchd on the DVD. It wuz ****. This bloak Persewerus wuz sunk in a boat wiv his dad by a baddie in a smoky frock. Ony it weren’t is dad cuz is dad wuz Liam Neesden in a dodgy beard playin Zoose. Parently the gods wuz angry cuz some ol biddy sez her dorter wuz more bootiful than Afrobity, an the one in the smoky frock froo a wobbler. Persewerus set off wiv some grumpy types in armer to look for the Dirigible witches, ad a scrap wiv gigantical scorpions, met some crispy bloaks, and found out he had been followed all is life by a posh bird in a nightie. After the Dirigible witches they as a hencounter wiv a flyin orse called Pongisus, pretty cool but dunt av the firepower of a Hapachi 'elicopter. Anyways after goin cross the river Stinx wot wuz in a Welch slate mine, on a wierd boat full of money they as a scrap wiv the Midoosa wot has a snaky ead an glowy eyes an a snaky body an boobs (weird that, i sumed ony mammalians as boobs) an turned all 'is mates to stone. I’d prolly feel that way if I gots a close up butchers of Lady Gaga! Then, cuz there weren’t much film left, Persewerus jumps on the flyin orse and zooms back to this Argos place, wot is named after a catalog, wot wuz getting bashed about by a gigantical monster called the McKracklin. Then Persewerus saves the Princess wot wuz tied up like the screamy one in King Kong an turns the McKracklin to stone wiv the Midoosa’s ead wot still had the batris in cuz it lit up. Then Zoose pops up again an the posh one in the nightie comes back. As I said, it wuz ****.

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