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Slapped cheek

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by toobusybyfar, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi folks
    Just had to speak to the midwife as the sister of one of my class has slapped cheek....
    So far she's the only one in school and there is no sign of her brother having it, but I'm still worried.
    I had my bloods done yesterday at my booking in appointment so they've said they can check them for my immunity...but it will take two weeks. Does that sound about right? I seemed a long time to wait, especially when I have to work with this lad on Monday?
    I'm sure there are similar threads on this already, but am in too much of a tizz to look for them! Sorry.
    Toobusy (8+5)
  2. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Slapped-cheek-syndrome/Pages/Introduction.aspx
    I'm also waiting for results of blood tests to see if I'm immune to the Parovirus which causes slapped cheek, but luckily there aren't any cases in school at the minute- I just want to be prepared. My blood was taken 4 weeks ago!
    Just remember that some children will still have the virus with very mild symptoms, but it is also quite likely that you have immunity to it already.
    Overall, have a good think and weigh up the potential risk v. missing a day or 2 of teaching (when we're winding down to the holiday!)
    Good luck x
  3. I had almost two weeks off when there was slapped cheek in my class- it took that long for my results too. Midwife strongly advised I took time off, as did the consultant when my head asked for second opinion. Luckily I am immune but if you're not and you contract the virus, there can be serious consequences for your baby up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. However- I only took the time off because the virus was in my class and I would have had prolonged contact with the children.
  4. There is another thread and I believe the advice was stay off until bloods are back. Speak to m/w and see what they say.

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