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Slapped cheek in school and pregnant

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by MissALB, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. MissALB

    MissALB New commenter

    Just wondering if anyone else has experience of slapped cheek at work? I've read a couple of older threads but I'm still a bit confused.
    I'm 15 weeks pregnant and work as a TA in a school where I work in every class.
    I had a day off at the beginning of the week because I had a stinking cold and was so lethargic I could barely function. When I contacted the school to take a second day off, they told me there were 2 cases of suspected slapped cheek in one of the classes. I texted my midwife straight away who said she'd get my booking bloods tested but GP should do a new test to speed things along considering my symptoms. I went for news tests (getting blood taken in a hospital at the moment with cold symptoms was not fun! - oh the side eye!) I asked the GP about getting signed off til the results came but she wouldn't as it's a 'Grey area' - we don't know if it's definitely slapped cheek (but wouldn't without a child having a blood test which isn't going to happen) and if it is, I may have already been exposed which would render being off pointless.
    What I don't get is when we can't know either for sure, why put me at risk?

    School luckily contacted occupational health who have advised I stay off til the results. Having spoken to other teachers, there are a lot of cold symptoms throughout the school at the moment (usual for this time of year I know) and my worry is any of them could have parvo and be in the infectious pre rash stage.

    My main concern is now (aside from the worry I may have already caught it) what will happen if I get my results back and I'm not immune? It was such a carry on to get the ok to stay off til the results. And the OH nurse seemed to suggest staying off in case I already had it which seemed bizarre and like she didn't really understand the situation at all. I've read on here about midwives signing people off but mine says that's not something they can do and has to be a GP. I already know how mine feels about signing me off. It doesn't seem fair that it seems a total lottery about whether or not I'll be able to stay off. Does anyone have any advice about what I could do if it turns out I'm not immune and there are more cases in school?


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